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October 15, 2011



Yay! Excited for you, I LOVE to see sewing books, especially ones with cute, functional patterns and amazing fabric to go along!


Congrats on the new fabric line and book. Both are lovely!


Not sure if your giveaway has closed but Love your new range!


How do you do it, always making fabric I adore and must have?


this is awesome. i so want to win this. :))
-jocee <3

colleen archbold

How did I miss this post for so long? Love the fabric,especially the large different dots and the delicate lattice fabrics. I want it all:) and the new book of course!!
I love that with these fabrics it's easy to create a stunning project with simple sewing.Lovely:)


I love your beautiful new designs! So fresh and pretty - just like Delilah!

Rebecca Walker

Wish I'd checked in sooner! I love your new fabric line, Sugar Hill, and can't wait to purchase them when they come out!!!

Constitution Girl

*sneaks in back door*
I haven't an idea if this is closed or not, but if not.....

Count me in. :)


Beautiful fabric! I'm thinking of dresses & skirts & pillows for my lil girl.

Annette Ladle

Awe these prints remind me of my mother. She was the one who taught me to sew and love material. I can just imagine her love of those patterns!

Rebecca Jones

I love these floral prints, This is a great idea!


Very nice projects and the fabrics are just fabuluous!

Karen Owen

Love your blog and ideas, thanks for the opportunity to win. Congrats on the book, great accomplishment.


Oh mylanta! I love you fabric! You're my hero!


Would LOVE to win!


Your work is absolutely gorgeous. this is my first ever pintrest stop!


Such a lovely color palette!


Love it!!


"hi everyone
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"hi everyone
check out the fabrics at,
they have the cutest, cheapest and best quality fabrics
come check them out!"


this look like great colors for a baby quilt

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I love them all - each has it's special place. The Darla collection keeps me coming back only slightly more often. The cheerful, clean colors and designs insure no matter how difficult the day has been, this collection will inspire my imagination and therefor my joy!

Ryanne T.

Lovely, lovely, lovely!! These fabrics are amazing. I have never seen your website before but I just recently have found and looked at alot of your designs...I love them! You are very creative and make unique pieces.

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