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September 24, 2011



his little face is too sweet! I'm sure he'll be a dream pup!


Definitely crate train! It will make everything infinitely easier!


Got ahead of myself and hit the post button too soon. He's absolutely adorable!

Melissa P

Oh what an adorable dog! So cute. No wonder you're all falling in love.

We've had two Ridgebacks and a Great Dane in our lives. They brought so much and demanded so little. And each of them is unique in character and temperament. We crate trained the last Ridgeback and I highly recommend it. Crate training is a great way, not only to establish boundaries but also, to give your puppy its own personal space where no one intrudes.

I'm looking forward to postings of this adorable puppy as he grows and matures. So happy for you all!


Congrats on the adorable puppy. He is adorable. Crate training is definitely the way to go. It is beneficial for overnight, times when you need to be away, housebreaking, even times when you are visiting with company. You can also take the crate with you if you are going overnight. The biggest benefit is the sense of security the "den" (crate) brings them. Good luck with the training and enjoy him. Take care and God bless, Cory


It's incredible and the love is so immense and to watch the children interact and care so happy for you..Dog People are really special people!!! I felt the same way you did and i can't believe how much a part of the family he is!!!! Go Jacob Marley!!!

Susan Potter

what an adorably gorgeous dog, have never heard of Golden Doodles before - and Jacob Marley is a fabulous name :)

Lemon Tree Tami

What a gorgeous pup! Yes, crate training is definitely the way to go. We have a 1 1/2 yr old cairn terrier that is crate trained. He sleeps in the crate and was house-broken pretty quickly. When we leave him alone in the house for a few hours or so, he is contained in an exercise pen for dogs. (Basically it's a 4-sided open top playpen for dogs.) It really keeps him from getting into trouble and he readily will go into it for a small treat. Plus if your dog is crate trained he'll be much happier when traveling in a car. Think of it as the dog's personal safe cave or den. :-)


A cute pup for sure. We love our dogs. You are right, it is amazing how much affection towards an animal humans can have. Our dogs are our 'other' two children.

Two Crazy Crafters

I can certainly see how he could wrap himself around your heart. As a dog lover myself, I can tell you that the companionship of a dog is one you'll cherish the rest of your life. He really is beautiful and looks so precious. Have a nice weekend! Twyla


What a gorgeous puppy! We got our first dog one year ago (a shih tzu from a rescue organisation) much to our children's delight. I am not a dog lover as such but he has wormed his way into my heart for sure. We put off crate training for toilet training because I just kind of felt bad about it I guess. We finally started doing it a month ago and he was house broken almost immediately. He didn't mind going into his crate overnight one bit! It was all in our head. During the day, if I have to go out, he goes into our home office with a bowl of water and a toy. No more accidents and I am much happier for it! Good luck!

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