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September 26, 2011


Pam Pike

So excited about your book. I don't have a blog or website to link to but I do have Facebook. Does it count if I link to Facebook? Thanks,

Tanya Whelan

Hi Pam, yes, definitely Facebook and Twitter links are great too!!

Tanya Whelan

Thank you Pam. That definitely counts! Thanks so much and which pattern would you like?


Stephanie Belfiore

I posted it on my FB page - good luck with your book!


I have it all linked up on my Blog. Let me know if the way I have it is okay. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!
and Jacob Marley is adorable!
I wish you much success!


I have your link on my left side bar! Thank! so much!!

Huggs, Nancy

I would like : Monterey Bag


Truly happy for you, Tanya!

I put together a blog post to get the word out. Love talking about pretty things!!


We blogged it, Tanya!

And we're so excited!!
love, the Long ladies

Kirsten N

Blogged about it too:)Your book looks so lovely Tanya!

becky Malouff

I put it on my blog! Let me know if what I put is ok. The book looks fabulous. I would like the Monterey Market Bag pattern


I posted both at FB (Paula Lemos) and Twitter (ap_lemos). Best of luck with your book! I would love to have the Monterey Market Bag's pattern. Thanks!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com


Oh gosh I can't wait to get this. I've popped the links on my blog. Love the look of the Metro Bag.


Hi Tanya, does your book have a different front cover in Australia? I've just linked also to an Australian book seller and the book shown has a bag on the cover. Hope I'm making the right link that's all. :0)


I linked it on my Facebook and I would LOVE the Metro Bag pattern! :)thank you so much.

Mel Goldsmith

Hi, love your lush fabrics Tanya and I've shared the link of Facebook for all my friends to see!!! Would love the Monterary Market Bag and I'd better get my TW fabrics out of the draw and whip some up for Christmas pressies :) xxx


I created a New Blog and the book is linked up to the new site. I am so excited for you and the new line of fabric is gorgeous!


Looks charming. My link is On FB Sew What You Love book


Love the new fabrics! Gorgeous! I shared this on my Facebook. I don't have a blog. I would love the have the Metro Bag pattern. Thanks so much!

Keri Walker

I posted on fb and sent the link via email. Would LOVE the metro bag pattern. Thank youA


Posted on FB and sent you an email.
BEAUTIFUL fabric!!


I am not sure how I do the linky thing. If someone will tell me how, I will do it. Thanks

Greet Roosbeek

Hej Tanya - looking forward to your book!! Can we have a preview inside the book somewhere ;-)? I posted it on my facebook (!/profile.php?id=644264385)and would love the metro bag pattern. Thank you so much and good luck! Will the book also be available in Belgium?


I've put links about where to buy your beautiful book on my blog ( Hope it's how you want it to be - if it should appear differently, just tell me. I would love the metro bag pattern, looks so cute! Lots of luck with your book and fabrics! Are you selling them in Belgium? Thanks!

Tia Kluesner

Shared it on facebook but now I have no idea how to show you that! I'm a computer idiot! Sorry. The book looks amazing and the material is so darn cute!!!

Miss Rachel P.

I posted and shared both links on fb and also shared about your book/fabric giveaway too! ;D

(I'm sorry, I don't know if that's the right thing to show you or not. :P Hope that's right!)

~Miss Rachel P.~

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