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January 22, 2010



Those colors of yarn are beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished project. I posted yesterday about the colors of purple and lime green -- two of my favorite color combinations


Wow... all your upcoming crafting adventures in Europe sound amazing...looking forward to hearing about them more in upcoming posts!

The Cupcake Goddess

I love coffee and unfortunately I don't know how to crochet. Must try soon. I'm so excited to hear about your travels through Europe. How exciting! Can't wait to see the final afghan either, lovely color choices.

Melissa Stramel

OK Tanya. I always read you but don't think I've ever responded. But I also just rediscovered crochet after six years (before my son was born). I'm so inspired by it, but haven't made my post quite yet. Well I hope yours comes out well; I'm very please with mine. Sewing is still my big love, but this is creeping up to second place! Take care.


love the colors! i've just picked up the craft after about a 25 year make scarves for our basketball team!

thanks for the update! i always love hearing and seeing what you're doing!

Fabulous Friday Finishes!


Gorgeous colors!


I'll check out your fabric when I'm in John Lewis next. Are you coming to any shows in England?

Karmen Sunshine

I just bought my first crochet hook and hank of yarn. Wish me luck. I hope to make something cool someday. Karmen

hena tayeb

love the colors you used.. so bright and cheery

Firefly Hill


All the things you have planned sound wonderful...


wishes, true and kind

I am falling in love with crochet lately, but have never done it. Is it something that I could teach myself with a good book? I learned to do needlepoint and embroidery that way.

Sarah Mitchell

Tanya, do you know where you will be in Germany? We are stationed here and I would love to come and see you. Happy Travels.

Sweet Baby Jamie

Love the coasters, but love your Dolce fabric better! I'll stick to quilting :)

Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Oh Tanya, what a great post. I'm always crocheting and I rarely watch TV, I listen while I'm crocheting. The portablity is wonderful and the speed that work progresses also.

I love your blog. I love your fabrics. I made aprons from repurposed men's shirts and use designer fabrics for the bibs. My favorite to use in your barefoot roses with the blue background. So beautiful. Such clean, clear colors. I'm stuck I tell you. I'm stuck on Barefoot Roses.

HA - I need to evolve.


We continue to marvel at your blossoming world!!!


I love to use those for dish scrubbing! The are so much more effective than a big ole rag!

Love your use of color.

It is wonderful that a whole new generation is falling in love with crocheting.


Your fabric designs are WONDERFUL! Love them! I'm looking for help with a crochet project. Maybe you would like to do a little crocheting for a Mexican orphanage? Check out the "Calling Crocheters" post on my blog.


Tanya, LOVE those yarns and I am having a crochet obsession myself since I mastered the basics last year thanks to a patient aunt! Thanks for the inspiration!

Tanya, I adore your crocheting project! I just wish I knew how to do it, too!

I just sewed some pillows of your lovely Ava Rose collection. If you have time, you are more than welcome to pass by my blog where I share some pictures.

Best wishes from Germany, Anita


I found your blog while drinking coffee...and taking a break from crocheting. Just ordered some of your gorgeous fabrics and am so delighted. Will post them soon!


The colours are great. I want to learn to crochet, but I am a lefty, I will be getting lessons soon hopefully

product design

I really like this, so sweat.


I am going to do coffee and crocheting soon.


Love the colours

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