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December 10, 2009



I've lived in Vienna for 2.5 years now. Each winter I hold my breath and wonder if the sun disappeared for good. When it comes back in the spring, it is such a glorius feeling. Good blessings on your continued aculturation (sp?).


Good to hear you are getting settled in. And I hope you'll get used to the rain. I guess Belgium is not less or more rainy than The Netherlands (where I'm from), so it's something your probably will have to live with a lot. On the positive side: Belgium is beautiful. Even in the rain!


I just read Kathy's (pink chalk)blog post with all the lovely Dolce photos! I just love it! I was thinking it would have to be a present to myself in the New Year, but maybe it will have to be for Christmas instead!

Sunni Standing

Oh my gosh! Those shoes are so beautiful! I can only imagine that Belgium is bliss! Do you speak Dutch? I live in Utah, but believe me I know about not having sunshine. In the winter, Jan-Mar, sometimes we will go weeks without seeing the sun. We have an "inversion" and the smog and muck is so thick it just hangs over us forever. Its hard to not get that S-A-D (seasonal affective disorder) thing.

Lynne McDiarmid

Hi, I really love your blog and your fabrics are wonderful. We lived in Wales for five years, a very rainy place. You actually do get used to it. Belgium is so lovely though. Have you been to Bruges yet? Even in the rain it's breathtaking. Thanks for your blog! You're an inspiration.


These wooden shoes look very familiar.
My husband was born in the Netherlands and we live in the USA. He still wears wooden shoes as he runs outside to do errands in the yard. I love your fabric and just finished a beautiful quilt with your "Barefoot Roses" line. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Katie Trott

I lived in Belgium for the summer back when I was 21 yrs old. I learned a lot about how all cultures differ. I would love to go back again!

Also, such a pretty table for me to see on a foggy day here in California :)


Such a beautiful collection! So sad that I'm based in Canada and we get it even later than US stores but it will be here soon at

Can't wait to see it in person -- I am already in love with the pics I see!

Canon Digital Cameras

There are more of these shoes in Netherlands but its with cheese and stuff.

Gift Registry

The shoes are cute reminds me of the time I was in Europe, it still to this day my greatest adventure ever.

Aunt Spicy

love your Dutch shoes...I posted pictures of mine at christmas, they always make me happy! (


i love this shot, and i am so glad you are feeling more at home!!


I love the fabric on your table. Is that one of your designs? What collection?

Decorative moldings

I love that pair of shoes. Not to mention my favorite color is yellow.

diving Boracay

That is the cutest pair of shoes ever. What a beautiful site you have. I'm so glad you are happily living in Belgium.


I am a Belgian living in America and really miss home. Mostly just my family. The weather I can do with out. But I do miss riding my bike everywhere. One day if I am blessed enough maybe I can go home. Then again.... What would I do without my family here? I love your blog and your fabrics. Wishing you all the best.

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muck is so thick it just hangs over us forever. Its hard to not get that S-A-D (seasonal affective disorder) thing.

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Great blog you people have maintained there, I totally appreciate the work.

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