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December 14, 2009


Sunni Standing

So sweet and I agree, Melissa is such a wonderfully fabulous person. So open and completely genuine. Its nice to see that some people actually do wear their emotions on their sleeve.


Thank you SO MUCH, t!!! it is surreal!

Sweet Baby Jamie

so sweet...I understand insecurity, sometimes I think I should call myself the insecure quilter!! I'm going to congratulate her....

Pansy Cottage Girl

Hello~Loooove your designs and have been using your fabric for some time now. But what I really love is the nice things you said about your friend Melissa. Its not always easy to be transparent and it does involve a bit of risk taking. It's so refreshing though....and to see you embrace her for who she really is. I've learned that underneath it all we all have insecurities some just wear better masks but the strong ones are the ones who accept it and don't hide it. Thanks for the inspirational post.


lovely...really and truly looks like a huge success coming on!!!

Whimsy by Victoria

Will stop by and see Melissa blog! I have been so busy with our move and remodel I have missed stopping by. I am glad your family is getting settled and you have now finished your 5th fabric design! Wow you are amazing!! You are truly one of my inspirations and I am getting very excited to use quite a few of your fabrics in my new home. Happy New Year to you!!

Hugs and love friend,

Music Dissertation

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

LOVE your new look and banner. It's all so fresh and crisp (like your fabrics).

Hope all is well in Belgium.


Wow nice poster!! I like it.. So colorful and it is so clear..Very attractive...

Nursing clothing

Cool!..i really love your eye-catching...keep it up!you're really such a talented person.

chaussures shox

You are truly one of my inspirations and I am getting very excited to use quite a few of your fabrics in my new home. Happy New Year to you!!

Cheap jordan Shoes

WOW those are beautiful!!! Two weeks? Wow that's a while. Can't wait to see the new digs!

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