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August 25, 2009



Best wishes to you and your family in your new home.


Sweet Baby Jamie

Tanya, your house is soooo cool! I love that entryway, the black and grey rug, the chandelier, oh my!!!!


That house is so amazingly will be interesting to see how this new living experience may be reflected in your designing.


Sorry to hear about your first try house... glad the second one is an improvement... mould is not only a bad smell but really bad for your health too.... better colored ceilings than sickness.. Have fun decorating with all that French Flea Market stuff you will surely purchase... I know I did when I was in Paris a few years back. Continued happpiness to you all on your adventures in Europe!


We almost have an identical house!! I have the same layout, doors (only mine are not that beautifully painted) and the second picture is identical to my home office only they took the fireplace out years ago. How odd!

So good to hear that you're happy and settled. let me know when you have time, only now I want to drive up to your house so I can get some inspiration as the house is so preserved and ours is so demolished. Yay for old houses.


So glad it's all good for you and your family. ENJOY your new adventure!!!


The house looks beautiful, Tanya! And the area where you are sounds so lovely! I'm sorry to hear that there was such trouble getting there - I can only imagine how frustrating that was!! I hope things continue to go well now!


Looks like a lovely home. So happy that you are finally getting a bit settled and feeling at home.


Oh my gosh, this house is remarkable. I love all the black punctuation here and there. I'd love to see more photographs!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Tanya, it may not be white, but your new home has a lot of that European charm. I'm glad you're settling in - it's definitely a big move for all of you. Hey, I heard the Belgian flea markets are fabulous too!

Modern Crush

Yay! Happy news from a far off land<3


All I can say is "wow".


Enjoy this new adventure, opportunity...blessing.

happy zombie

I'm so glad you were able to find a new place! I'm with you on the smell thing. Our last home - that we lived in for 3+ years... I was never so happy to sell it and buy a new one (not exactly in that order)... because of the must/mold smell was too much for me. Before we bought the house we own now, my first question was "does it have forced air heat?". I ramble.

I love seeing your photos and reading about you new life in Belgium. Happy nesting! xoxom


You house looks amazing! I love it. Enjoy.

Kim McBirnie

It's really hard moving somewhere new, starting again with finding friends, favorite shops and putting your identity on a place. We've done it several times now, and what I have learned is that for all the initial unsettlement and unease, each place becomes home in a different way, and each step of the journey gives you some wonderful memories to carry with you for the future. Keep your chin up girl!
Kim xx


It looks simply dreamy. I'm glad you are settled and your family is happy there. And now the adventure begins!

Firefly Hill

Oh I love it and I am so happy that you all are happy and settling in...




How funny you describe the darkness and the paint. Although I think it is lovely in its own way I was thinking,"this is her house?":)

Enjoy your adventure and make wonderful memories!


So happy to see you're settling in... I'm very, very jealous!!


sounds beautiful, serene and just the place to to harness more of your amazing creativity. Wishing you much happiness there!


Hi love your fabrics!I used them in my stand display for the Country living Magazine fair in London last year.
If you are in Belgium there are some brilliant shops ( I live in Northern France and I know how hard it can be to be in a new country!)
check out this one the best for house knicks knacks and they stock lots of greengates products:
It is visited by lots of french parisians because it is much cheaper than french shops!
For the best gardening center, and they always have tons of things for xmas decorations (around october month) check out this one:
Anyway welcome to Europe, and if you need any tips on good fairs or things to visit don't hesitate to ask.



Good afternoon. I love, love, love your new house. I am glad that you and the family are adjusting. Good luck on your new adventures.

Simply B

Wow, I love it! And I just found your fabric in my local HobbyCraft; woo-hoo. So I got myself a 'Darla' fix :O)

Good luck in your adventures,

B x

Baby Registry

Whenever I go home, I always ask my wife for a home cooked meal and stuff.

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