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August 31, 2009


Pam Stuckey

Wow nice, good luck

I found your site on


Thanks for the heads up on the new magazine. I am so excited!!! I am a total magazine addict and so many have went by the wayside because of the economy. This one looks like it is going to beautiful, and something to fill the void!!!


This looks really exciting! Thanks for giving us a preview.

Linda@ Restyled Home

Wow, Tanya! Thank you so much for such a great feature and for helping us get the word out about the magazine. I so love your work, and I don't think I have to tell you Matthew is a real fan of it as well!

Thanks again for supporting us on this journey!


That sounds like a great magazine. I like Country Living, but it is unrealistic at times. Some of their 'bargains' would buy groceries for two weeks! I'll be looking for it!


Hi Tanya, well I will start by say how wonderful I think your blog is, and not to mention your breath taking fabrics, I had been after two of your fabrics for over 6mths now and could not find it any where, in this time I used and image of my favorite fabric of your as my icon on face book hoping someone would mention something about it, still nothing only one person asked me is it a fabric and could they buy some from, I replyed to them saying yes it is a fabric and no I don't sell it yet, as I'm trying to find it myself, until 3 days ago I found one lady selling some on ebay, Barefoot Roses the pale blue with roses and the green too, I snapped it up stright away, and it arrived today, lucky for me your brand details where down the sides still, which lead me to google you, I am so thrilled to have found you, as not only do I want to buy for myself, but also would like to buy fabrics wholesale from you to sell instore, I know I'm ment to go through your website for this process, but I'm so excited I have found you. Thank you for your wonderful designs, Simply Beautiful!!!!!



Thank you for letting us know about this new magazine. It sounds like it will get a great response from those of us who have to "make do". I always love the layouts in design magazines but they've been way out of my league price-wise. It will be nice to see things that are possible, not just dreamable.


Hi Tanya! I am already in love with the Flea Market Style. I love to find stuff, restore them, and decorate my house with them. It feels more personal and unique. The concept of the magazine sounds is great, and I too can't wait to see the first issue. I have a grab button on my blog from Flea Market Style; I hope everyone will add one to their blog to support the new magazine!


If you like flea market things, this week end is the biggest flea market of Europe in the city of Lille in France(on the border with Belgium).It is a very big event there taking place in the all town , it is very traditional and all the restaurants sells chips and mussels that week end (weird tradition but quite funny to see the mountains of shells in the streets of Lille!)


Oups! sorry forgot to put the link of the big flea market (it is 100km long) and i forgot to say you can even go at night it is a 33hours long event

Tanya Whelan

Thank you Stephanie! I didn't know and I'm so excited to be going tomorrow. Lille's just an hour from me!!

Thank you so much again.


Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

I'm really looking forward to seeing this magazine. I love the sneak peek photos-lol.

I saw this mentioned on another site and I've been in anticipation ever since.

Erica K

Woo-hoo! I didn't know about this! I was a CH subscriber, and this sounds even better! :)

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