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June 01, 2009



Very admirable of you, Tanya.
I am missing how your side was determined.


Wow, Tanya! I think you have handled this very graciously... I think people like "Lucinda" really just search the internet for topics such as these to spread their negativity...

So sorry that happened!

Keep up the wonderful work!


Nothing but love coming from Dublin, CA

Natasha Burns

Well said Tanya.

I read back on your earlier Election Eve post and I too couldn't see where anyone could assume to know who you voted for, even if you voted.

I saw many posts, horrible nasty and negative political nonsense (both sides) written in the lead-up to the election. It was enough to put me off some blogs for good.

I love what you wrote because it could be taken in any way, in any election, in any country in the world. It is unfair that anyone would assume you took a particular stance.

It's also unfair to write such nasty ugly stuff on your beautiful blog. You have the right to delete whatever you want. It's YOUR blog. You chose for your blog to be a beautiful place to visit, and you have the power to delete whatever is not beautiful because it is ONLY serving to be spiteful and not just giving an opposing point of view.

There IS a difference between giving an opposing opinion, and spitefully forcing it on everyone else who comes to read here, who DOESN'T care to see the blog author (a lovely lady) being personally attacked.

Ok so I've rambled... sorry!

By the way - I thought the baby deer was way too cute :)


Very well said!

shelly beson

I'm going to be very partisan and say I love our new President. There, how 'bout that!!!

Hee Hee, Shelly


I had to re-read the post in question. . .There was a great deal of political passion in our country during the election and supporters of both sides had very strong feelings. . .I felt your message was one of self-reflection, a reminder that we're all in this together, and irregardless of the election one of the two candidates were to be president. Your post was well meant and needs no explanation. It's too bad her passion couldn't be generated positively in areas that could truely use someone with her moxie. . .


Hey-isn't this a blog about sewing, creativity, and beautiful fabric? I think I would go elsewhere if I was looking for politics! So, Lucinda-go somewhere else! There are many more blogs about politics than there are about these nice subjects which are a real passion for some of us and give us a respite frome the political world!

Megan Butel

You have the right to delete that comment - it was ugly and ungracious. I wouldn't give that silly woman one more moment of air play than she's already had. Uttering threats against you for deleting her comment just goes to show the sort of person she is. What a toad.


I've never commented on your blog but read it frequently. I don't think you should be apologizing for deleting a comment on YOUR blog. Your blog is like your internet home. You have the right to choose what sort of attitude and environment you want to project to the world. Your blog has always seemed like a positive place. I didn't see anything wrong with your election post. Her comment was negative and just an invitation for an election debate. I don't think you needed to apologize to her but doing so showed what a gracious lady you are.



I've come back to peer at the deer often to simply reflect on all we hold dear. Not for any political asylum but simply to grab hold of all the small miracles that make this country great. The american human spirit is so resilient and enduring and I take comfort in that. I take comfort in you.xoxox your bff fabric girl.

Tammy Parker

I have to say that I am actually thankful Lucinda said what she did...because your response was the biggest blessing of my day! Not only were your words full of grace they were nourishing food for thought and made me want to go read our constitution again--it's been too long. How cool to find out that one of my all-time favorite fabric designers (just got my big bundle of Darla a few weeks ago...gorgeous!) is also so thoughtful and generous of spirit--hugs to you--tammy


Such grace!!! Positive is SO...SEW much more productive. ; ) Piecefully, Pam


It is too bad that people have to be nasty and mean when they are stating their views. Lucinda crossed a boundary of meanness that would have made me delete that type of comment too. We are all entitled to our opinions and someone trying to bring you down with such nasty comments is just plain not nice. Having said that, I applaud your apology and upbeat attitude. Sometimes this kind of thing seems like a no win situation. Your blog belongs to you and you should be able to state your views without getting browbeaten for it. Good for you Tanya. You have shown yourself to be thoughtful and gracious.


Tanya, your actions are not to be faulted and your ultimate response shows that you are a very intelligent and graceful lady. I'll buy your wares any day and I'll tell all my quilting buddies to do the same -- oh, actually, I think I already have! I agree with all the comments here so far. This is not a political blog but you have just as much right as anyone else to express your views and as this is not exactly a public forum, you have also got the right to moderate the comments. And for gosh sakes... if we went around not dealing with people because their views were different from our own, we'd be left holding a very empty bag. Of course, my bag would be a lovely little number made from "Ava Rose"...

Tracy Wilson

Sorry this is not a comment but the need for help - sewing help that is!
I am making the 'flea market bag' and having a real problems turning the strap at the corner?? I cannot get round the corner without plukering the fabric - also tried sewing to the end, finishing and then folding and restarting the way I do on quilt bindings (I am no expert I am only on my 3rd patchwork)can you offer me some help?
Thank you Tracy


I've been lurking on your blog for many months now and never even realized it had political commentary :-D Thanks for the glimpses of your beautiful fabric and project ideas!


You Go Girl!!
I love everything you do!

Sweet Baby Jamie

This is what makes me so THANKFUL I live in America! We are free to think and act, w/o being afraid of being thrown in jail, or bombed, or.....I love our constitution also, and wish our politicians would read it as much as you do Tanya!! We need to respect each others political/religious views, without condemning. Your post was beautiful! Thank you for reminding me to be gracious today. I am happy to see you posting again too!!!! Now, I have to get to my French Hatbox fabric :))

Firefly Hill

Tanya you completely and totally rock!


Tanya, you did the right thing. Lucinda should go elsewhere to spread her negativity. By the way, absolutely love, love, love your fabrics. My daughter & I just made another large purchase for our etsy shop.


I didn't see anything at all inflamitory in the first blog post, so don't get what got Lucinda's dander up. Some folks just like getting upset about stuff. Hope Lucinda has a nice day and can move it along now.

And you have a nice day as well. Missed seeing you at Quilt Market! Maybe next time?


I admire your political perspective! And I sure wouldn't want such negativity on my blog--or anywhere near me--either. It brings everyone down. Disagreeing or differing perspectives are fine, it's how you voice your disagreement (though you're right, your view politically was not discernible from your initial post). Lucinda's opinion was voiced incredibly negatively and belligerently. She was looking for a fight. People like that are better off ignored or "deleted." I'd bet she'll be back wanting to go the rounds again--hope you can shake her off! Your site and fabrics are gorgeous by the way! I've let my local fabric shop know that I would love to see your fabrics there! In the mean time, I can't wait to order your designs online and get started with my projects. Thanks for making the world a little more beautiful!

Chris Warner

OH Tonya,
I love your blog and look forward to your posts, its about the sewing and beautiful creations that keep me coming back.
You don't ever need to apologize for your beliefs, nor should anyone else. That is why we are lucky enough to be American. John Alden is my 15th Grandfather, I like to think he would be proud of our new President.
For the Lucinda's of the World, I have one phrase I always say to myself. "Mean people suck!" I would have deleted it too, after all this IS YOUR BLOG!


I was very impressed with your pre-election post--it was a breath of fresh air after having read so many other blogs/comments that pretty much stated that if you don't agree with the writer's view, you are a bad person...I don't care for that tone even if I'm on the same side politically. And as a quilter, my political views really don't matter to anyone, so I don't ever feel the need to go there.
Having said that, I'm even more impressed with the graciousness of your latest post.
If someone wants to deny themselves your beautiful fabric, well, too bad for them.

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