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March 18, 2009



all my best to you gals!!!! Great stuff....all Freespirit!!! Best news ever.
xoxo Jennifer


Congratulations! Frugal Gypsy; love it! :~)
I am trying to organize a trip to Paducah so that I can give myself your fabric for my birthday. I try to support my local quilt shop whenever I can, but I can't convince her to carry my favorite designers; you, Anna Maria, Heather Bailey, Jennifer Paganelli, Joel Dewberry, Tina Givens, just to name a few. Thankfully she carries Amy Butler, but I'm so bummed about the others. I can't seem to convince her that I would pretty much keep her in business if she would bring you in.
I know I can order online, but there is something about seeing the fabric in person, pulling it off the shelf and feeling it's texture between my fingers.
Marie Antoinette is on my netflix cue.


Congrats - That is awesome!


Congratulations - you must be thrilled!?

Lisa P. (Lisadida)

Congrats! You deserve it, your fabrics are exactly what I had always been looking for. I felt like I had finally hit the jackpot when I found them online on Flickr. I can't wait to see the new line.


Congratulations Tanya!!
You deserve the title. I love you fabric. I too cannot wait till the new collection is out.

Sweet Baby Jamie

Frugal Gypsy, I like it!! I have moved a lot in my life, I mean A LOT!! I agree, a little fabric, batting, thread and a needle, and I can be happy. although, lets not forget the coffee to keep me awake so I can sew :) congrats!!

Sweet Baby Jamie

My Sweet Baby Jamie link wasn't working, so here I am again, wishing you the best of congrats :))


Congratulations!!! You TOTALLY deserve it. I looooove your designs.


Karin Harmon

Congratulations!! Next time I am at the store I will have to search for this magazine.





Congratulations on being one of the few and hot designers!!!!

Firefly Hill

Hey Tanya congrats!! You totally deserve it!

Frugal Gypsy...I like that!



congratulations on your gorgeous fabrics. This afternoon I finished a ruffle skirt using your tutorial. Purple floral and polka dots. It's so darn cute and I can't wait to give it to my grand-daughter. Thank you

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Congrats on a great spread and yes you are good company. How cool is that?

Hope all is well!

Scott at BlueNickelStudios

Congrats on the press! Your look is a favorite feel at our house...bring on more beadboard! I don't know if I could handle moving that much though...we have lived here 17 years now, and I feel like I am still settling in...I like the cozy feel of a settled home...most of the time!


Hi Tanya,
I had never heard about you or seen your fabrics until today! My local quilt/fabric store had "you" displayed by the door wall & that was the last place I went looking for inspiration!
WOW! I dropped whatever bolts I was holding on to & started grabbing bolt after bolt of your dreamy Ava Rose Collection! Keep it coming;- I have to run back to the same store tomorrow, because I'm sure I could need some more from the same collection, maybe in the gray scale this time.....
From a new fan in WA,
BTW: I just had to blog about you:


Your fabrics are terrific! I very much enjoy working with them. Thanks for being such a great designer for the rest of us.



Congratulations Tanya! What do ya know--you're a lifestyle guru and you weren't even trying. No surprise to me my dear--your fabrics are divine!


Congratulations! Oh, how lovely everything is!


Oh how wonderful! Congratulations! I will look for this issue for sure.



Janet Doherty are in good company. I had never heard of life style designer until I started blogging. I love the title and hope to one day join the ranks :) Love your work...


Tanya, I just love your designs and the name Grand Revival says it all. I was disappointed you didn't take the gray darla or the deep,deep red darla to market, so do you think you would reconsider it for hatbox? The gray has a touch of sophistication that is very appealing.

I absolutely, positively adore darla. Please do not discontinue it (:


Congrats! Just wanted to let you know that I made your ruffled skirt and linked to you today on my blog. Thanks for a great tutorial!

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