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February 11, 2009


Sarah Galbraith

how can we pick just one!??! ALL of your lines are delicious! My fave right at this moment :) would have to be Ava Rose....I just love the color combination's. (who am I kidding, I really DO love them all) Thanks for asking....oh and good luck with your new collection. WE can't wait!

Shealynn Benner

I love Darla and Ava Rose! But, Darla is my favorite!! :) I don't need the bribe, but thank you anyway!! Would be nice to get a new pattern and make something new other than my camera strap slip covers for my Etsy shop. LOL!!


Well, they are all so pretty but I would vote for Ava Rose as my favorite. Something about how it made me feel and how the fabrics all blend well together just felt the best to me. I am currently making your ruffled skirt to sew. Best of luck with your decision!


Darla! Darla! Darla!


I love Ava Rose!!!!!! So very beautiful!!!! You really have a gift from God. Keep up the good work and don't second guess yourself too much. You can drive yourself crazy. Don't worry we will love whatever you make. Amy


Without a doubt, Ava Rose! I have a set of half yards waiting to be made into a quilt for my little girl Mary Rose!


Even though blue & green are my favorite colors, I'm really drawn to Darla. Oh... and indecision is correct. :)

Nancy Yoakum

If I had to choose (which I don't want to because they are all FABULOUS)I would pick barefoot roses. They are all truly beautiful!!!!


I like Darla best!

Julie moyer-gates

Asking us to pick is well,cruel! I love all three of your collections,but if I have to pick one on spot it would be Ava Rose.


Barefoot Roses is my favorite. It makes me feel the softest when I look at it.


I'd still have to say Barefoot Roses, even though they're all gorgeous!


Barefoot Roses only because if it were not for this beautiful fabric I would never have found you and all the other great things you make and do!!!


I have had the pleasure to make projects with Barefoot Roses, ogle over Ava Rose and Darla as they aren't available in my LQS. Hard to pick just one .... DARLA!


Oh gosh! Is this a Sophie's Choice kind of question or what?! Ava Rose (for the Roses, Damask, and Dots), and Darla (for the Ticking, Dotties, and Darla Roses). Oh, and for colors I love your aquas, mints and fuchsias (oh and the grey too).

Halle G

I love the reminds me of old feed sacks. Gives me that nostaligic(not sure if I can spell either) feel.

Karen Louise

In a very close race, I think Ava Rose, love those pinks and blues.

Amy S.

DARLA ALL THE WAY!! All those colors just SING to me! And Ava Rose is very close second! I used some of the Darla fabric for my Valentine Chair Backers!!! You are so creative! Thank you for being you!!

Southern Gal

I love them all, but the brightness of Darla keeps me going back to it.


I just found your blog last week and actually got my Ava bag pattern and the red/white damask from the Darla collection today. I'm in love! All three collections are just breathtaking, but the damasks from the Darla collection really caught my eye and I find myself picturing every sewing project in these fabrics.

jessica denny

DARLA! b/c that punch of red takes it from little girly to mommy chic. plus, i'm gaga for damask.


I really loved Barefoot Roses, especially the largest print, and the unusual smoky grey blue & the soft taupe colours that you used. Oh yes, but they are all beautiful.

Calico Flamingo

I have to say Barefoot Roses because without that fabric line, I never would have found your amazing fabrics! It's really hard to pick just one because I love Ava Rose and Darla, too. Can I be tied for Barefoot Roses and Ava Rose with Darla a close second?


I love all the collections. But my favorite is Ava Rose. I love the colors and the prints. I find that all your collections are beautiful and compliment each other so well.

Barbara G

I love them all - each has it's special place. The Darla collection keeps me coming back only slightly more often. The cheerful, clean colors and designs insure no matter how difficult the day has been, this collection will inspire my imagination and therefor my joy!

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