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February 01, 2009



The little dress is very pretty. I think it is a good idea. I just love the fabrics.


PRETTY fabrics!! You do NOT disappoint :D Go with that dress for QM, it is dang cute!

Haus-fraus ROCK! My friend and I were just discusing this last night, I would NEVER leave the house before without makeup, now I am going from the gym to the store for groceries. No makeup AND sweat clothes that are ummm, errr, SWEATY! :0 You do what you gotta do sometimes ya know??? :D

Lani Chicky Momma

I ADORE the dress... where can I get one?


Oh it's pretty! Pretty, pretty, pretty! I really love the wide stripes (and they are very 'hatbox'), and the blue, and I *always* love dots.
Yum! :-)


I love alla your fabric designs! The French Hatbox is beautiful:>)

chris Warner

Oh my gosh, that fabric is so beautiful!! I cannot wait till I get some. Just as soon as I think there could not anything prettier than your last collection, you outdo yourself. These fabrics you keep designing are so nice for the people that love Cottage looking, vintage Shabby Chic! I wish I could have everything in an entire bolt!


Gosh, Tanya, you did it again! I can't begin to tell you how much I LOVE Darla, and this collection is fantastic too! What can I say, I am an adoring fan! ;)

Off to join your group. Right up my alley!

Rachel L

Your new range looks beautiful! I recently made myself a quilt using the Ava Rose range, but now I want to make one with French Hatbox too!

happy zombie

I sooooo want to be a convert too. I'm struggling with FB and you've really made me want to convert too. And of course, I love being a Haus-Frau!

Like all of your lines... I adore your newest one too!

Mellissa - wondermommy

Those fabrics are gorgeous! I can't wait to see it at Market.


Hi !
I am sakura from Tokyo , Japan .
I LOVE your blog, everything is so fantastic !
As a reader of your blog, I must tell you how much I enjoy it.
You're on my daily list!
Thanks for giving me so much inspiration!


this line is great! It's all looking really beautiful! and i'd wear that dress pins and all!!

Kim McBirnie

Stunning new fabric line! Hope the house hunt is going ok - but have you seen the snow we've been having in Europe, and arctic winds from Russia?!
Careful with facebook, it is totally addictive - I never mean to spend as long on there as I end up doing.
Kim xx


Oh Tanya, GORGEOUS again!! Love the patchwork idea, so pretty and girly :)
I had a great Super Bowl Sunday being I'm from Pittsburgh, WOW what a game! And now looking forward to Market being in my backyard, can't wait!!!


Hey sweetie, it is just STUNNING and inspiring, as always!!!!!I was secretly hoping to see some plaids, as i think it would be great addition to all your wonderful prints!!!!
Lots of love,

blissfully caffeinated

French Hatbox looks gorgeous! can't wait to get my hands on some.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

That would make a fantastic dress! Love all the different prints together.

~ Jennifer


I'm laffin' my head off over "haus-frau" and loving the name French Hatbox...wouldn't that make a great blog name?


Oh, my gosh!!! I just found your blog these fabrics are so amazingly beautiful! So talented.

Valerie Pritchard

Where do I start...I love your fabric! I found you through another blog and instantly fell in love! But now I have a problem...I can't decide on what fabric to use. I just had a beautiful baby girl on Sunday. I brought her home to no nursery/room because I couldn't make up my mind(actually I never found anything I REALLY liked) on a design for her room. When I clicked on your blog, I instantly new just from the picture for your header that this was the style I wanted for her room. Anyways, because you are so amazingly talented and created 4 beautiful lines...I cant make up my mind...thanks! If you did a fifth line I would love to see something with a deep red w/ white polka-dots and a flowery fabric to mix with it...or maybe something with a purple combo...I don't know. I can't wait to see what you keep popping out! But for now have you seen anyone use your fabric for a baby-girl room? I would love to see pictures. If not I'll show you my finished product(if I can ever make up my mind) of the room. Now I just need to bug Hobby Lobby to get your line in their store! If not I will have to Google the store in Austin and take a trip down there to get what I need. OK, sorry for the super long post...Keep up the awesome work!


I just found your site and signed up on both of your facebook pages. I love your fabric! So glad I found you!

Human resources management

the design is fabulous..


I wish there were more photos and blogs about French Hatbox! It seems like you went straight from Darla to Dolce and skipped right over the glory that is this gorgeous line. I want to do my daughter's nursery in this line (well, originally I wanted Ava Rose but it's impossible to find the aqua large rose print and that's the one I'm really crazy about) and I'm having such a hard time finding photos of finished products that have this line.


I LOOOOOOVE this dress. It is so pretty.

Training Online

Love the fabrics choice. Lovely read. Thank you.

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