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January 22, 2009


Amy (O'Roarke) Rhodes

I found your blog today and love it. I love the pictures, the ideas, everything. I have it bookmarked. Thanks for the skirt tutorial. I am trying to figure out when I can get to my favorite fabric shop so I can make one for my daughter.

I have to agree, I was sick the way those housewives treated Lynne. Also embarassed to admit that I TIVO every episode.

Thanks for the artistic inspiration.


I am impressed that you did your own wood floor! My hubs is a wood floor contractor and I know how hard that is. You go girl!

Can't wait to see French Hat Box!


That house is amazing!! How are the Belgium plans so far, need any help? I love it here, it's going to be a wise move :o)


Oh, so many comments to make! (1) Belgium ... how exciting!! (2) Facebook: I'm digging it. It can get annoying when people from way back when want to ressurect a relationship that never existed, but it certainly is fun to see how everyone has 'turned out.' And it's good for keeping up with newer friends too. (3) ummm... I watch housewives ... new york and atlanta. Crazy crazy bitches. (4) Am very sad about country home, but more sad about Cottage Living, which is my absolute fav, even though I don't live in a cottage.


I joined Facebook under presser by my co-workers. I have enjoyed it somewhat. I have also questioned if I should take down my profile. For now I'm leaving it up, but I may change my mind. I'm not in love with Facebook as much as other people are.

julie - eab designs

We vacationed in Belgium summer before last with our two daughters. We loved Brugges and stayed in a most beautiful home, rode our bikes out to the windmills and feasted on delicious meals and chocolates.
Just love your fabrics and recently ordered some to sew up a few things for my shop. They are so inspiring.


Hooray for Belgium! When I was in Brugge we looked at the real estate, and it was OUT OF CONTROL! But it sure was beautiful! Also, thanks for the shout out!


I'm on Facebook and it works for me as I'm picky about who I have as my friends. At first I did not know what it was for but now I use it as my main email. It's great that I can stay informally in touch with old friends, but it's weird when I see someone in the street or in a shop and I have seen their holiday photos but I have not talked to them about it.

Firefly Hill

Hi Tanya,

I think that is so awesome that you did your own floor! I have sanded and refinished all of my own floors...but never put a new one down. Are you going to keep your blog when you go to Belgium? I hope so! I bought a bunch of Darla and LOVE IT! I have some things in my shop made out of it...cant wait for French Hatbox. I think the new law concerning children's items is too far reaching. They need to amend it to exempt cotton clothing/accessories dont you think?
Have a great weekend!


Can't wait to see French Hat Box!



I have missed you so!! Love the pic of you ..and love this house in Belgium! You are so going to kick butt and be so influenced by a new place!! You are such a lucky lady!! I'll be waiting for you states side when you return and miss you mountains but it's all good!!! Hi to kiddies!! xo J

happy zombie

Wow... and you install flooring too! YOu never stop amazing me, Tanya!

I don't like Facebook either. My brother encouraged me to get it... I just don't feel the love for it like everyone else does. And part of it too... I have trouble with it's functions and how it all works. Ha... Flickr is my Facebook... at least I know how to work that!

Whispering.... I watch RH of OC too, but stopped after last season. I felt sorry for those ladies - such a sad life they live - I couldn't watch any more. Addictive show though!

Cracking up about the late night *laws* for kids in Belgium!


I kind of go back and forth about facebook. Sometimes it is really encouraging, and it has helped me connect with family that I don't normally connect with a little more, which is mostly good I think. But sometimes I wonder if it is good to be that vulnerable online. I think your idea of using it for business purposes and more recent relationships is good. You might find it very helpful (and enjoyable even? with sharing pictures, videos and all) for staying connected with people while you are overseas.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I joined Facebook a couple of months ago. At first, I thought I loved it but now...I don't know. I still prefer my blog and email to stay connected. I guess I'm undecided. It's been fun saying hi to old classmates but there isn't much more than that to say after 14 years! I do love it for staying connected to the people in my life now, though. I like your idea of using it for your current connections and business.

You're so inspiring - you do floors, too! Impressive.


I was very sad to hear about County Home. I love that magazine! Maybe it will come back once things get better.....

A move to Belgium? How exciting! Life can be full of so much adventure!


You are so lucky to be moving to Belgium. I was just there last November, outside of Brussels, La Hulpe). People were so warm and friendly. The architecture was mouth-dropping. I am so jealous!


I just found your blog and site. Love!!! the fabrics, they have the most beautiful colors.
I see you have plans to move to Belgium, ... great! I am from Belgium and hope to find your fabrics in the stores, we could you some beautiful fabrics over here!
If you ever need a guide to visit Antwerp, let me know!!
Greetings from Antwerp,


what a beautiful home! I want to live there!

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Je vais prendre cheminée traditionnelle de ma cheminée cette année. Ne peut pas décider si je veux de l'envelopper dans le noir, comme ça, ou enveloppez-il dans la pierre.

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