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November 02, 2008



Well said and Amen! What a cute little critter!


Good message! But I hope I don't have to come back to look at the deer on Wednesday! LOL! :)

happy zombie

Great post, Tanya! And I'm cracking up over Jona's comment... hope I don't need to look at the deer on Wednesday either.


Sadly, that little dear has since passed away. He just couldn't survive being outside his mom so young.

But, I discovered your blog and patterns this weekend and have been thoroughly enjoying both.


That sweet little deer is amazing. I completely agree with you. I was quite shocked to find out how much a friend and I disagree but we have found a way to appreciate each other's differences even though we both think the other is a bit crazy! It takes all kinds ,I suppose, but I am holding out great hope that we will find a new path tomorrow.


Excellent message!
I won't be checking back to look at the deer regardless of what happens...gotta find room to store all the Darla I ordered at market!

Tiff@Three Peas

My husband and I have different political views. We keep our oppinions to ourselves. We want our children to know that having a different oppinion is ok. And the correct way to handle it.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Love this post.

suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Tanya, I don't know how I missed reading this before today. It's a very good message to keep in mind.

I'm very puzzled by a news story that ran the other day. It said that people overseas like Americans again after the election. I'm sorry, but we're the same Americans we were the day before the election.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


What gorgeous pictures, what a beautiful critter.... Thank you so much for sharing those.


Amazing pics of the deer..Love the one in both hands..simply beautiful..and agree


Oh, so you only publish comments favorable to you. You delete anything that disagrees with your views. I'll be sure to avoid buying your wares.


Well, you are on the ball, at least when it comes to erasing any negative comments. Be sure I'll spread the word in my quilt groups.

Scott at BlueNickelStudios

I like what Suzanne, the farmer's wife said about being the same Americans the day before the election that we were the day after the election.

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It is also resistant to harsh conditions, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

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