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September 12, 2008



Tanya, so glad they are coming out. I'd really like to try the Practical bag, and was wondering if there were interior pictures, or a description. ? Thanks! =)


Yay, I love these new patterns, especially the Ava bag! So exciting that they are available.

Jamie H

YAY!! I can't wait to get these patterns.


Nice, nice, nice. . .I saw them pop up on FQS website yesterday and can't wait 'till they arrive to sew them up! Well, maybe I'll wait for Darla fabrics to hit the market. . . I'm glad you're back, we missed you in blogland!


They looks great!!!Missed your posts:)

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I've been missing your posts with all your pretty pictures.

Exciting for you to get those patterns out, and I hear you about getting all your ducks in a row. I've been trying to get an Etsy shop up and running to sell vintage and refurbished junk on, and well, now I'm having computer woes! If it isn't one thing, it's another! Hope the beginning of fall is going well for you.

~ Jennifer

Ellen Crimi-Trent

the patterns look great! Glad to have you back in blogland. I know its always hard to work and do posts. I do not know how some can do it, I am always struggling to get it all done.

Okay gotta finish another forest print, have a great day!


I love your blog, your pretty fabrics and all the beautiful colorful pictures. Glad you are posting again. Have been checking in on you for a while. Have a great fall!!

Mandy Alden

Oh goody! Have been checking and checking and checking your blog re your bag patterns. Have wanted to ask and ask and ask, but decided not to each time. Love them all, but especially the Ava Bag. Just love the shape. Keep it up Tanya, your fabric's and patterns are simply adorable and worth the wait.
From an avid bag maker in Australia.


My goodness! I do love your fabric. But your first patterns are so hard to get a hold of. I had some on order from Hancocks but they were on way, way, way back order. So I had to cancel to continue looking. Glad to read your blog's been awhile.

Abbie Simpelo-Dyer

I just ordered the Ella & the Practical bag....I can't wait!! I love the Flea Market bag and looking to purchase the rest of your patterns eventually.....just taking it slow so the husband doesn't kick my butt! Thank you soo much! I love your designs!!xxoo


This is the cutest bag. I love all your pretty fabrics. So soft and "vintagy".

Congrats on all the patterns.

Jennifer Paganellli

totally gorgeous!!! The packaging is sensational..J

Tiff@Three Peas

That Carry-All Is to die fore! So cute! Off to look at the other patterns!


I have been missing your posts! Glad you are back! I am going to check out the patterns now...



Your work is so inspirational Tanya.I can't wait to try the Ella and the Ava bags !


We missed you too! I hope things are going well. Love the bag and your fabrics are so lovely. I really want it all! I think it would look great on my dolls! :)

~Happy weekend!
Emily in Norway


Congrats! I love Stella apron and the Ava bag and I can't wait to try those myself.

Have a great week.


I fell in love with your bag designs when my sales rep showed me your pattern covers, and I was encouraged to see many items right in the beginning: seam allowances, layout charts, etc. However, I am now visiting the blog to see if you have made any corrections to your pattern. I have started the Etta bag,but am finding some problems:
The cover photo shows three fabrics - top, bottom, handle, yet the list does not ask for a third outside fabric - maybe it's the lining. Then to the inside - it is no longer called "top" fabric and "bottom" fabric", but we now have "fabric 1" and "fabric 2" - a little consitency, please. Well, fabric 1 has the top part of the bag, so my half yard must be fabric 1...wrong again, since the layout clearly does not fit as pictured .. okay I squooze the pocket flap in on the bottom. And the mix and match section says "you'll need a total of one-half yard of the bag and the lining" .. what is that all about. So, I am laying it out, and realize that the pocket is now the same fabric as the top of the bag ..not so in the photo! And I haven't even begun to read the sewing directions! As a sewing teacher and owner of 2 fabric stores, I am trying to teach a new generation of sewers, but I am finding that young designers (whose designs do appeal to these gals) apparently are trying to reinvent sewing techniques, terms, and instructions (or lack thereof). I think your patterns look very "together" and was having high hopes after all the errors in terminology and procedures in Sandi Henderson and Amy Butler's excrutiatingly wordy, erroneous patterns. I am afraid that some new sewers are being discouraged because they can't follow the patterns. Please let me know if there are corrections and if not, I will be glad to proof and send you what else I find.

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