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August 01, 2008



Gorgeous!!! Oh how I love this new line. Can't wait to start sewing with some of these beautiful fabrics.

Amy Hodge

We stayed at a fabulous bed and breakfast just a block from Gare Centrale when we were in Brussels in March. If you need a place to stay while you're shopping around for permanent housing let me know and I'll send you the info. The owners were super helpful about everything Brussels, so might have some tips on renting in Brussels too! (And as a bonus, it was only about 70 euros a night, I think. Can't be that with the dollar in the toilet like it is!)

Amy @ parkcitygirl

It's beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)


My husband says Brussels is wonderful. Lots of wonderful food tucked away in tiny niches. Obviously, the cultural experience will be unforgettable. I for one, am jealous. The new line is beautiful. The large florals remind me of the pillowcases my greatgrandma kept on all the beds at the family cabin. . .what wonderful memories. Thank you and I can't wait!


Oh my gosh--I LOVE the bright pink roses on white, and the light pink on blue! And the green and blue monotone on white.. ooooh. Oh heck I love it all. :)


Oh my I think I am in love!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Another gorgeous collection! I love it!

You have some exciting times coming. Best of luck with everything!

~ Jennifer


Love it, love it, love it! You're killing me with so much pretty!!!! The "Girl Style" theme is fabulous too! I'm all about that! There are some Barefoot Roses fabrics I'm interested in, do you know where I can still order those online? I'm new to your fabrics, so I kind of missed the boat w/ Barefoot Roses.


I haven't gotten my hands on Ava Rose yet and now there is MORE??? WOWEEE! These are lovely. I am still waiting for the patterns. Any word???


I haven't gotten ahold of Ava Rose yet and you are giving us MORE lovelies?? WOW! I need to get off of the computer and at the sewing machine! I am still waiting for the patterns...any word??

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh1 That is gorgeous!


Well thank goodness that because of YOU I already opened an account last market so that should make ordering this stuff go faster.
Good grief, Tanya! I'm going to have to devote an entire room to your fabrics.
Which is actually OK.

Analise at Sugar*Sugar

Hi Tanya~

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Your new collection is just as beautiful as ever!!!!!!

I just want to eat them up! YUUUUUMMMY!


the Long ladies


"Darla" is simply smashing!! And the inspirations are lovely too.... no wonder you ended up with such beautiful designs!! We have gotton our stash of "Ava Rose" for our site (haven't got it up there yet), but can hardly cut into it, it's so pretty. Now, we're itching to get our hands on some of this!!

Thanks for the beautiful fabrics!

God bless you,
the Long ladies
at marie-madeline studio


I am a girl. And I am grinning. In fact, I can't stop grinning. Gorgeous ... happy ... fabric.


Do I like it? Hello, there's no need to ask! I LOOOOVE it! I'm still working on finishing my quilt using your current collection and WHAM!... you slap me with this new one to drool over. Well, keep 'em coming!


Lovely, lovely. Can't wait to get my hands on these beautiful fabrics.


Beautiful and I'm going to be in trouble. You know this totally constitutes "enabling" to fabric-aholics-lol.

Congrats on the new line. It's lovely!


Wow, that is so exciting! The fabric looks lovely and fresh, can't wait til we can see some of it here in Oz.


Tanya, simply beautiful as usual! How long will you be in Belgium for, that sounds like an adventure of a lifetime.


The new line is incredible! Can't wait for it.


I love your fabrics. They are so fresh and lovely! I just started a blog and today's post has some of your pretty fabrics right in the middle of the cupboard. Now, I see, I have some new fabric of yours to purchase.


Your fabrics are soooo delightful!!! We'll be nearly neighbors! I am very excited for your upcoming move! I hope you will love living in Europe!
~Emily in Norway


Fabulous, Tanya! You are so talented!

Anita Wood

Love the fabrics - just beautiful.
When we moved to Holland we used, they also have a site for Belgium.
There is lots of info about life in Belgium and housing etc
Good Luck

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