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July 24, 2008



Okay I'm straining really hard to recall some of that architecture from my art history days! Would it be France? And if so, I'm really, really jealous!


I'm so jealous! I won't spoil the surprise for anyone else that wants to figure it out, but that is so exciting! And how funny that my 5 year old was just trying to figure out how to pronounce that name today...


I can't decide if it's France or not. The architecture is gorgeous either way and I think you'll have an amazing adventure!


Belgium! How fabulous! And exciting!


Oh wow! It looks like Europe. But some of Canada looks like Europe. But the beer makes me think Ireland. Hmmmm.... How long will you string us along Tanya? :)


I was thinking Ireland as well.

Amy Hodge

OMG it's Brussels! I recognized the top picture on the right immediately! My husband and I were just there in the spring. Belgium is REALLY lovely. I'm so jealous!!! Congratulations. I hope you have a blast!

Heather Roe

Belgium? Just a guess from doing a google search on the beer...ten duinen! All I want to know is if they can ship your stuff from over there. I can't be going with out some Ava Rose love in the sewing room!

Jamie's Cozy Cottage

O.k., so, I'm kinda happy for you, but....well...the very selfish side of me says....what about your gorgeous fabric?? Can we still get it? Will you still be designing new fabrics??? aggghhhh!!!!!!! PLEASE don't make us wait long, and spill the beans:)


I didn't give myself a chance to guess before reading other comments, but I just have to say that I ALWAYS make my family "guess" and it ALWAYS drives them crazy.


Congratulations on such a fabulous adventure.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

France?! From the looks of it, it's another country! Seriously?! :) Ok, now I can't wait to hear where. Looks like an adventure!

Just read the other comments...Belgium! Wow! And, yes, please say we'll still be able to get your beautiful fabric. And that you'll still be designing more! I'm designing my kitchen, and planning to use some for the curtains to cover the bottom shelves (beneath the counter)! I want roses, lots of roses!

~ Jennifer

Anita Wood

Wow - Brussels is stunning. We too are globe trotters and are Brits in The Hague, Holland. (We have lived in Singapore and Dubai before this) I love Brussels so much I have to go as often as possible. Beautiful, beautiful!!


Looks like France to me! I hope you still will be doing your wonderful fabric for the U. S.

Natasha Burns

Oooh looks like Belgium??? How utterly exciting! I adore Europe, how amazing!!!

the Farmer's Wife

Comments indicate that it's Belgium, but my first guess would have been Vienna, Austria. Either way it sounds like a fabulous adventure and I'm green with envy!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


I'm guessing Belgium from the other comments! How very exciting!


How exciting. I'll have to keep checking back to find out where you're headed too.

Congrats again on the patterns. They're all beautiful and I can't wait to try the AVA bag.

Have a great weekend.


OMG, how exciting!!!!Even the idea and possibility to have you somewhere near????Hmmm, I haven't been to Belgium before, so I don't recognize the places, but first impression was Holland, Austria and even Spain.....
Can't wait untill you reveal it!!!!!


WOW! That is going to be very exciting. I do hope that you will keep blogging from there.


Is it Brussels? No wonder you are excited!


I have to cheat but you are going to be a fellow Belgian but I already knew. I'm so excited for you and your family!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

How exciting. Can you imagine the inspiration you'll find from all of those wonderful places?


Looks like an incredible place. I have to tell you that I received 2 bolts of Ava Rose in the midst of a move and it brought a serious smile to my face and I about dropped all the moving boxes and searched for a sewing machine. I can't wait to start working with it and for the rest of my order to arrive. Just beautiful!


Belgium! What an exciting opportunity for you and your family!


How exciting! Brussels! I would be over the moon to get to move to Europe for a spell. xo, suzy

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