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July 16, 2008



The hat on the little girl in the bottom photo is adorable! Your prints look wonderful made into children's clothes!

I am sorry to hear you got a phone call like that. But I am glad all wounds will be healed. You'll now find out how accessible your house is with a gimpy husband trying to get around. :)


Wow! Sorry about the broken leg! I don't know about your guy but mine turns into a big baby when he has the sniffles so my life would be over if he broke a bone.

Thank you so much for showcasing my dresses. Ava Rose is one of my favorite lines ever and it's just joy to sew with. Please keep making more!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! Ouch! Poor hubby! Those outfits are sooo cute! I don't know why my local quilt shop doesn't have that white with pink roses print. I splurged and bought myself three different patterns. Now, I'll see if I can actually bear to use your beautiful fabric! I still have Barefoot Roses that I am hoarding. Maybe I'll save them for a "future grand daughter"!


I design kids outfits myself (I live in the Netherlands) and these pictures realy inspire me to. Love te different fabrics in the outfits, so cute.
Hope youre husbands leg will be fine soon, and you can do the things you want to do soon.


Oh no! Wishing him a speedy recovery!

My husband took up skim boarding a few years ago and watching him learn sent visions of ER trips racing through my head. Eventually he did mess up the ligaments or tendons in his ankle. I'm still glad it wasn't worse, although it took months for it to heal.


The fabrics are just stunning and so are the outfits!

I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I hope his leg heals quickly!!



Oh no! A broken leg...I remember when my husband needed 12 stitches!!! A sense of humor, which I think you have, is key.

I love that you share what people do with your fabrics. I get even more inspired.

jenny holiday

Ohh I could just jump up and down! I want these outfits for myself!!! Toooooooooo cute!!! Soo fabulous!!!

Happy Happy Summer to you!!!

love from the jersey shore!
xoxo Jenny


So sorry about your husband!
Your prints/pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!

Christa of Amazing Gracie

Thank you again for featuring my work on your blog! This is probably the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me!! I am a HUGE fan of your work and can't wait to work with it more!


So sorry to hear about your hubby, hope he will recover fast!!!I'm sure Ava Rose designs will flood all the places soon, so maybe it might be neat to create the Ava Rose flickr group???


I just received my stash of Ava Rose from Jona and I Loooooove them! I have the perfect dress picked out and can't wait to send you a pic when I get it made. They are lovely prints! I think an Ava Rose flickr grp is a great idea! Speedy recovery to your love.


Oh no! So sorry to hear about your husband. Hope he's getting around OK.

Thanks for the beautiful photos of inspiration.


Sorry to hear about your husband, but glad he will be ok.
I just received some of your Ava Rose fabrics I ordered online, and oh my gosh! I'm in love w/ them. I will be recovering chair seats and sewing pillows for my house this weekend...and I will definitely be ordering more of it! Thank you for your beautiful designs, they are just what I've been looking for.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's leg. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

These are gorgeous examples of your fabric. Wow. I'm always amazed at the talent out there!

~ Jennifer


So sorry about your husband. I have to confess, my heart almost stopped when I saw this gorgeous fabric, especially the last with the roses. Fantastic!


Beautiful pics. The fabrics just look great on everything!

Sorry to hear about your husband's leg. Hope he gets well soon.


I met you briefly outside the convention center at Portland Market. You were all packed up and ready to go home with some of your pillows in your hand:)

Love your blog and your fabric! I have some cute outfits I have made from it and I need to make some more!



I love the new Ava fabrics. They are light, bright, airy, and carry me away to a calmer, restful, quieter time. I can't wait for the new Ava Bag pattern. I am a bagoholic! Your blog is very user friendly and beautiful.
Too bad about your husbands broken leg. I hope he is a better "patient" than most husbands.


Hi Tanya, Thanks so much for posting my LilyandEbony set here...It is one of the nicest happenings ever! I am in love with your fabrics and have had some amazing sales at AllegroFabrics all week. I have shipped them half way across the globe in both directions...from here to the UK and to Australia!
My best to your husband...I am so sorry to hear about his accident...May he recover quickly.

happy zombie

I want these in my size! Beautiful outfits in the most beautiful fabric ever!

Ouch about your hubby's leg. Hope he heals fast! If he's in a cast, I think you should make a little cast cover out of some Eva Rose.

Jennifer Paganellli

Loving this loving this way cool!!!!

Laura S.

Ok, I haven't sewn anything since my kids were born 3 years ago, but these patterns inspire me to want to pull my machine out again!

Sorry about the husbands leg; have just recovered from ankle surgery and it is NO FUN not being able to walk in the summer, and tough on the kids. And boy do you need strength to get around with crutches! Hope he heals fast.


I just found your lovely blog via Yvestown and want to include you on a post and my blog roll. Thanks so much for the pretty things!


I'm founding in love, there clothes are magnificals !!!
(excuse my bad english)



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