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April 17, 2008



I've got only one thing to say... and that's WOW! I think ... no I know I need some of that gorgeous fabric!!!! I really think my life is not complete without a couple of yards of those yummie fabrics! You know where I can buy your fabrics? They have to ship to Europe and not evrey shop does...
Hope you have a great week!


What wonderful fabrics Tanya. So wonderful to be inspired by your daughter as well. I have two daughters aged 15 and 18 and they have been terrific to have in my life.

When and where will these fabrics be available in Australia?



ellen Crimi-Trent

I often name some of my characters after my boys and why not your children are always a great source of inspiration. In fact my boys love it when I do name them after them. I am sure she is extremely happy you did so!

There are no flower designs I could name after my boys so you are lucky in that respect!


What a beautiful testimony to the love of a mother for her daughter! I've been blessed with 4 daughters (as well as 4 sons) so I know and share all the feelings that you're having. The fabric is beautiful and I trust that it will be received as well, if not better, than Barefoot Roses.
Thanks for your work!!


Gorgeous! I love the blues. And your girls are so pretty. I can't wait till my girls are old enough to be my girlfreinds!


when can i see the red colorway? i am very curious!


Tanya, Ava Rose is breathtaking! So gorgeous... can't wait to get my hands on some!

The new pink is beautiful, but how does it compare to the shade of pink in Barefoot Roses? It looks a little brighter.

And don't think you're sappy or something... it's wonderful to have such a sweet relationship with your daughter! I am twenty, and my mom is still my best friend.

Thanks for blessing us with your creativity!
Apphia, marie-madeline studio


Beautiful Fabrics and Beautiful Words. All of my three daughters will want quilts with these fabrics. Thanks for another beautiful range.


A beautiful story for a really wonderful collection! I can totally see both skirts and beading for my own little girl (almost 4)!

andrea s.

Be still my heart. Oh my goodness do I love these fabrics! You outdid yourself (if that's possible) with this gorgeous collection Tanya!!


Tanya, I knew your newest fabric line would be gorgeous! I can't wait to purchase this for my store, will you be offering it through Free Spirit??


Oh! How beautiful!!!


I love the new fabric line!! I just might have to order some up! Thanks for adding my blog to your site! Your fabric is wonderful!


I love the new fabric line!! I just might have to order some up! Thanks for adding my blog to your site! Your fabric is wonderful!

Lisa N

Wow, love the new fabric line. Can't wait till it comes out. The colors are so beautiful and would go perfect in my house. I love the shade of blue you used. Beautiful!


hey T,
I am all about the sap. Your post made me teary. Could have something to do with the fact that I just finished an hour of weeping instigated by holding the samples of my own fabric (goooood weeping, worry not)
Lucky girl, that Ava Rose. See you soon.

Jamie's Cozy Cottage

Tanya, I KNEW your new fabric line would be gorgous!! You have not disappointed. Are you selling these through Free Spirit? I can't WAIT to get these in my store!!


Absolutely lovely blog. Maybe mine would interest you. It's in swedish but there are many lovely pictures!

Best regards!



Ava Rose is beautiful! Such gorgeous designs and colourways. I love it all and enjoyed reading about your inspiration for it.


I am still trying to get stuff made with the barefoot roses! Now I have to have some of this fabric. Your story is so very sweet too. Can I post the pictures of Ava Rose on my blog? Is it for sale yet/

Holly at

*sniff* ** sniff **... ok, so my Abby is almost 7... and you're totally right! What an amazing age. They are really starting to grow into their own personalities... and it's just before their friends are more important than me! hhhhhhhhhh..... well, now that I'm depressed about my babies growing up... ;-) I LOVE your new line! Congratulations and keep up the fantastic work!


It is ALL GORGEOUS! I want a quilt, bed sheets, a pillow case, throw pillows, a skirt, an apron, um, what else. ANYTHING! As soon as the photos popped up on my screen. I melted. It reminds me of sleepovers at my grandma's in her old white iron bed, in a cozy little room, out in the country, with one little light bulb on the ceiling with a string to pull it on or off. An awesome memory for me. And for some reason, I thought of it, when I saw Ava Rose. LOVE it!

Jamie's Cozy Cottage

Tanya, I just love this new fabric, I know we are all going to make wonderful things from it! I can't wait to get this beautiful fabric in my webstore, then I can gaze at it everyday! O.k., maybe I'm a bit sappy too:)


I've just discovered your blog and I'm definately drooling!!! Those fabrics!!! And that Ava bag (a definate must-have) what are the chances of me getting that lovely stuff over here in The Netherlands???


These are just lovely!!!!! My daughter and I are going to have fun making aprons with them.

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