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April 17, 2008



What a beautiful post! The new range is gorgeous. Will you be going to Portland? Hopefully I'll get to see your range there.


Hi Tanya, I too have a seven-year-old girl and I love her to the moon. I can relate to all you feelings about Ava Rose. The fabrics are beautiful, they make me want to go sew something. Wouldn't the last fabric in the top picture make a beautiful nightgown.


Those are gorgeous! Why doesn't the only quilt shop I know of around here carry it? They should.
Moms are allowed to get all sappy...I feel the same way about my baby girl now 5.
By the way, I just made a gardening apron this week from your article in Romantic Homes. Our preschool fundraiser/festival is tomorrow & I wanted to donate something handmade. It turned out great & when I brought it in today it received a lot of oohs & aahs. Now I really need to make one with your Ava Rose fabric for myself!

carol Eldridge

hi Tanya-
congrats on the new and beautiful fabric line..the colors are delicious, clean and fresh with a darling name of course. Nothing like our beautiful girls to inspire us.

Best of luck at quilt market!


the farmers wife

Don't apologize. We've all been there! Your feelings about this collection are honest and the passion of your inspiration shows. I love the collection and it in turn, inspires me.

See how it goes?

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


Beautiful - congratulations from Denmark.


LOVE THEM!! when will they be out for sale?

I have two "little" girls myself (19 & 21) and they are my best friends! Can't wait to make a quilt with these gorgeous fabrics.


Hi from Australia. Your fabrics are sooooo beautiful. My girls love them too(8&12yrs). Looking forward to seeing how you design with my favourite colour-red. Enjoy the sweetness of 7 cause the teenage years just come too fast. But you can still look at them when they are asleep and love them just as much (through gritted teeth)!!

Helen Stubbings

Love it, love it,love it.. I will do my best to snaffle some at Market and hopefully manage to say hi to you. Our local store has just announced their Barefoot Roses order they placed 6 months ago is not coming so I'll tell them to get in early with this we dont all miss out. I can see lots of designs with this beautiful range. Perfecto...hugs, Helen


Hi there, what a gorgeous collection, sooo fresh! i loved your Barefoot Roses and have used it in many projects. Cant wait for this new set to start creating again!


Very pretty. I like them all.


So beautiful! I agree - it would make beautiful bags! I especially love the damask-style print. The colors you chose are perfect. I would love to get my hands on some of that lovely fabric!
You should be very proud of your designs. And I hope your little muse is proud of it too!


I absolutely LOVE this fabric collection. Can't wait to get my hands on some : )


beautiful fabric once again. And a beautiful name.


I'm all teary over here. That's exactly how I feel about my two girls (ages 2 and 4). Since I'm in the midst of taking a sewing class, I can't wait to sew some of these stunning fabrics into sweet things for my own daughters.


OHMYGOSH, its lovely! just like your girl.


Not corny at all! What a sweet way to honor someone whose inspiration is such a part of your life.


It's beautiful - the fabric, the words, the love for the kidlets. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Looking forward to some of that fabric!


Soo gorgeous, and I love the meaning behind the name! Your little girl must be so proud of her mummy!

Michael Ann

It's beautiful and so are your words. You should save them for her to read someday when she's older and maybe has children of her own. Great job!


Aww Tanya, your words are so sweet! I really do love the fabrics. Like your Ava Rose, mine is my baby, my third and last child. When this fabric becomes available, I'm definitely making my Ava Rose some little dresses out of it.


the fabric is so beautiful! you are not corny, just in love with your children, and I can relate to you in everything you are saying here.

Nadine Woodraska

I love the new fabric line! We loved Barefoot Roses, but all of us at the shop are trying to fiqure out what we are going to make with the new line. We will definitely be ordering the whole line. Your awesome
The Material Girls Quilts


My girl just turned 7 and I agree, it is a special age.
And this new collection is special too! Love it!


Gorgeous! And so girly. I love it!

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