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September 18, 2007



just precious!



Soooo, totally cute! Yay, momma Whelan and yay for Tanya's gorgeous fabrics!


OhMyGosh, it's adorable! Love the ruff (that's short for ungathered ruffle ;-) ) at the bottom!

Sandi Henderson

Adorable! What a fun business pairing. I can't remember, will you be at market?



cant wait to see this pattern. i hope you'll let us know when and where!


That is a great apron. Now if the woman in the picture above would scramble me an egg or iron my shirts, I would be on Cloud Nine.


Very nice!

Junie Moon

What a pretty apron--makes me happy just looking at it.

Mel Goodsell

This is really pretty and I love the swirl out bit.


Yummy! I have to get that print in blue too because it looks so good!!


Well, I LOVE IT!!!Its gorgeous!! Just beautiful. jw


I love it! Can't wait to get a pattern and make one!


This is soooo fun!


Oh my, I have been on the hunt for the "perfect" apron and this fits the bill! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

jennifer Paganelli

just beautiful that pocket is perfectly placed...amazing sweets..Jen


Tanya, this is fabulous! I love the flirty little skirt bit and the fabric?! Yum.


EEeeek!!! As an old friend used to say when someting was so great ...& there were no words to describe...I can't wait to get the pattern to make one for myself and friends ...You've done an awesome job Tayna and Linda....!!


Ooooh la la! Flirty! Luv it!! xo, suzy

Patty Skypantss

If only I had slim hips. Alas, my flounce starts immediately below my bustline.


I LOVE aprons and this one is fabulous. Just beautiful!!!!!!!!!


Cute Cute Cute!!!


Oh the cruelty of it all! Flaunting that adorable apron in our faces, but not having the pattern yet available so that we can start sewing right away. For shame!

Oh, I do hope you will let us know as soon as it is out so we can have one for our very own! And please, please say the pattern will be carried by some online retailers for those of us who do not have a good local source for such loveliness.


Saw this on the Tie One On blog ... so sweet! Anyone would feel pretty in this one.


Hello, I'm a newcomer. Your apron is gorgeous. I hope I'll be able to purchase a pattern somewhere. Thank you.


That is adorable! Love it!

I just found your blog and so glad I did! It's so great! Talk to you later… I'm going to surf through it some more.

Love all your creations!

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