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October 14, 2011



Sarah, I'm with you on that one! No clue! I might try to add a slit to weave it through.....
Any help would be great!

M Ridenhour

This doesn't make sense; as one commenter noted, it's essentially tied together like an apron, and so there is a big slit where the two edges tie together.

The band needs to be about the same length as the skirt is wide, but the left hand tie needs to remain unsewn to the skirt for the last 6 or so inches. Then a button needs to be sewn on the inside so that the underlapped and overlapped portions can button together.

When worn, one would first button the botton, then tie the ties together. This way there is an overlap so that the entire thigh isn't exposed.

Does this make any sense? o_O


I made my skirt 10" wider and also made the ties longer, I then made a button hole the size of the tie off center on one side of the band, wrapped the skirt around and pulled the tie through the button hole and tied it in the front. (if that makes sense) Turned out adorable!

Debbie Thompson

I would like to make this for my college-bound daughter, who just sent me the link to your website. Having sewn pleats before, I believe more information is needed to make them as pictured. I understand that they are made every 1.5", but how deep are they? 1/4"? 1/2"? It makes a difference and could be the reason for some of the confusion. Thanks.


I have the same question.. how do you sewit together?


Is there a place where some of these questions are answered? (the ties/depth of pleats)

I'd love to figure out this beautiful skirt!


Such a pretty skirt! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.
I linked it in a serie I'm writing for my blog (, hope you don't mind! :)

Bonnie Hedrick

I'm making this skirt and almost finished. I decided not to make it a wrap skirt 1)I don't know how to do buttonholes 2)it would be too much fabric around my waist. I'm going to sew it up the side, leaving about a two inch finished opening that will get covered up by the tie. I eliminated about 1/3 of the fabric. It's turning out very cute but I was frustrated for awhile there, I'm a beginner sewer. There's a pic of my almost finished skirt on my blog I lined it,too.

Sherrie M

I'm ready to do this skirt but also don't understand about how to close the wrap. It doesn't look like it's the traditional.
can you help me asap???


The directions are missing ends up being an apron. Would like to try. But....

Joyce klein

I too don't understand the tie part if you over lap how do ties work


i am just trying my hand at sewing but this is so cute i am going to give this a try. thanks!

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Absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to see it in person ... and just in time - I have so little Darla left!


Is the book out yet? I love what you did with the skirt.

Ryanne T.

I am definitely going to make this! This is very chic and cute!


beautiful. Love it!

Wordpress Tutorial

Job fit done guys, wellborn content.


thanks for the tutorial, i would love to make a mini version of this for my daughter.


I'm trying to figure out the overlap part too. If the ties extend from each side/end seam as for an apron, then there won't be any overlap when the ties are tied, even if you've allowed for those extra 6 inches. How does it overlap for wrap?

John MacDonald

I love dresses too and am always on the look-out. Have you seen The Monique Dress by


Instead of having ties do you think I could have buttons? It's just I want to make one for school and I don't think they would let me have a bow...

Natalie Beusekom

I would like to feature this skirt in a round up post. I would like to link to you as well as use a picture. Can I get permission to do that?
Sorry for doing this though the comments but I can't figure out how to get in touch otherwise.

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