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September 20, 2009


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I know just what you is a lovely picture of her too. It so hard sometimes to watch them grow up, knowing eventually we will lose them to some extent. I am feeling that way right now in particular as I just got home last night from moving my daughter in to college over 7 hours away. I miss her already, and know that she might never live w/ me again :(


She is a beauty! Love that dimple!!!


Hi, It's very fun to put your mail in french and dutch too, but sometimes understandable because google don't translate expressions, but it's understandable thought if you've knowledge of English, like I’m, I really love your work,
I was following you when you lived in the States and now very proud that you chose Belgium for living place, I live in Namur we left Brussels one year ago. But I'm sure you will love Brussel!! and surrounds


She is beautiful and I agree, from time to time it strikes me how lucky I am to be the mom of my two ;)
love those yummy colours on all the fabrics! makes me want to sew something pretty


She is a lovely girl and I find myself crying at the little sweet moments myself. I wanted to tell you that I haven't been excited for a new fabric collection in some time but I really cannot wait to get my hands on Dolce. Even more after all these gorgeous photos.


What a lovely girl---------- and what lovely photos. they are all very evocative, happy, current, peaceful, sweet, sassy------ really yummerz.

Firefly Hill

She is a doll....I love that photo.


Your daughter is gorgeous and I love the new fabric range esp the birds!


Hi There Tonya,
I came across your blog and I just love your work. While I am more of a neutral color fan, your fabrics make smile and wish I knew how to sew. Keep up the good work.


Beautiful daughter, beautiful fabrics! Thank you so much for inspiring us!!


What amazing fabrics! Your daughter is a peach too.


Wow, this is a wonderful new line, even though so very different from your last ones! I love it and can't wait til it comes out! The colours are awesome, and I love love the bird design!! Oh, and by the way, I am one of these native speakers and the translator is really hilarious! But the context is totally understandable. ;)

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Probably it was what I suspect makes every mother cry at a beautiful picture of their child on occasion, that sense that that beautiful moment came and went, never to return.

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These fabrics are beautiful!...I must check them out!

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extent. I am feeling that way right now in particular as I just got home last night from moving my daughter in to college over 7 hours away. I miss her already, and know that she might never live w/ me again :(

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Jeg har aldri forsøkt en dyne before.I kjøpt stoffet fra Shabby Stoffer. Da jeg åpnet pakken med Barefoot Roses, visste jeg det var en drøm. Det er ikke perfekt på noen måte, men vi elsker det.
Jeg hadde nok til overs til å lage en runde quilt for en kjær svigerinne gå gjennom en kreftsykdom kriser. Hun kaller det hennes helbredelse teppe. Hun er blomstrende i dag.

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