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January 26, 2009


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Amy (O'Roarke) Rhodes

I recieved my cataloge the other day and was thrilled to see your line in it. I already have plans...


I love Hancocks of Paducah! There is just something so holistic about being able to sit in front of the fireplace with a catalog full of gorgeous swatches.

Those outfits are precious. I definitely have big Darla dreams myself!

Debbie Livingston

How exciting, thanks for posting. Anxiously and impatiently waiting to get my hands on French Hatbox!


Sweet sweet outfits! I just can't get enough of Darla (literally! I can't keep it in stock!). The red ticking strip is just so pretty and crisp (I think it's my favorite). I'm thrilled about French Hatbox coming (I'm ordering double this time).

I know what you mean about Facebook. On one hand it's fun but on the other hand, it can get a little weird.


Love the skirts!!


I love HOP too. I am fortunate enough to live only about and hour and a half away from them. They are legend among quilters. I need to make another trip! I'm so glad that they carry you too. :~)

Glad you are enjoying FB. I resisted at first too, but now I am so glad I joined. I've reconnected with so many people that I have been wondering about through the years.

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