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June 10, 2008


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I'd love to get the pattern for that halter little one looks SO cute in that style!


Love the halter. It would be great if you could make the pattern available.

Miss Mona

Ok... aren't you just gonna whisper which new machine you bought? Hmmmm? Love the skirt - but thanks a lot... now I have yet another thing I want to sew! Wink!


Adorably darling!!! Makes me think of the days I sewed for my girls! I used to take the old or outgrown jeans and make cute 'new' skirts all the time. When my youngest was 16 her favorite was the old hippie classic; to take jeans and cut along the inner seam until they were flat and then insert a "V" shape panel of a great fabric making a skirt. All of her friends just loved those skirts and it always made me smile.

What kind of new baby came home with you? A new machine will surely make a girl grin from ear to ear for a long time!


Any tips on converting the jeans into skirts? Super cute! I would love to try it.

Mary Alison

From what collection did these darling samples come from? If you say "Ava Rose" and I have to wait ... it might not be pretty.

Sara C

Please post a pattern for the halter. I'd love to make one of my own! Too cute!


Such darling clothes...and I can't WAIT to get my hands on that Ava Rose!


Cute as can be! Can't wait for the new fabrics to hit the stores too! xo, suzy


Love the skirt idea...hmmmm, I think my daughter has some jeans she has grown out of in the give-away pile, I better go rescue them so that they can have a second life as a skirt! What a great idea!


the fabric is soooo lovely made into girl clothes!!!


Cute stuff! Congrats on the new machine. It sure can make a big difference, and makes sewing so much more pleasant.


Super cute! I used to make those skirts for Frankie back in the day!!! Love your fabric and can't wait to score some!!


What a beutiful halter top and such a cute model too;)!!!I'm so excited that I've just placed the preorder for Ava Rose !!!YAY!!!It says that the due is in june/ soon, can hardly wait!!!!
Oh, and happy birthday -so sorry for the late wishes!!!
xo, Katarina


Hi Tanya , I haven't even posted to tell you how nice it was to meet you at the Portland Quilt Show. I love the new fabrics! When I called to check on my order Frees Spirit said first part of July. But sometimes it will arrive early - hope so! Again so nice to have met you - your little Ava Rose is a darling. Kind regards , Sue @ Elisabeth Grace & Co.


i love that skirt idea! I might have to steal it from you. Can't wait to get my hands on your new stuff!

Amber K.

Those are my favorite projects- the save money/ make something pretty ones. Repurpose, Refashion, RELOVE. That's my motto. Love your fabric and your happy-girl style.

Firefly Hill

Totally cute!! I love the halter and the jean skirt! Thanks for the update on Ava Rose collection--I was trying to find some the other day. I figured it had not shipped yet...



Those are some super cute pieces! I love the little top!


What a lucky little girl to have such pretty things to wear!

Sadie Lou

Gosh, that skirt is adorable. I love the easy breezy style of it--it just says "frolick"
Am I spelling that right?

Sadie Lou

Gosh, that skirt is adorable. I love the easy breezy style of it--it just says "frolick"
Am I spelling that right?


I am sooo thrilled to see your blog! I've been a big fan of barefoot roses & just found your blog! woohoo!!


Oh I gotta make a skirt like that for my niece - your's is so cute! So is the halter. Are you really going to post a pattern for that??? Can't wait :)


Love the Ava Rose. . .I splurged and have purchased quite a bit of yardage. Yea! I love it and so do my girls. The halter would be a WONDERFUL project. Please oh, please post the pattern. No. #3 daughter is begging, too!

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