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June 04, 2008


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You poor thing! A migraine thru Market? Well, I think you look lovely and I also think there's no such thing as too many pictures of pillows and that you should get your old machine fixed AND get a new one.
So there!


Thumbs up to Kosher coke...Humm..delish!
In Brazil the coke taste just like that!
Gosh that sprinkler shower sounds so fantastic! I am wishing I had one :)

I am with Elisabeth...New machine + fixed old one = duble the FUN!


ahhh. the good things in life.



Those pillows were so pretty, why not be addicted to them?Happy birthday!


Love the pic! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


I'm so sorry about the migraine. Ugh.

I'm definitely going to search for some Kosher Coke. It sounds wonderful and that high fructose syrup is just poison.


Lovely post as usual! It was so much fun seeing & reading about the Quilt market!!!And let me just say that your fabrics are simply inspiring!! I want to go out & purchase them all!!!.....Heidi :)


Happy Happy Birthday to US!! my birthday is today also!! gotta love a gemini!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and blessings to you in your Gratitude Attitude, it brings even more light and joy you know!!!


ellen Crimi-Trent

I think doing any sort of trade show gives you such a headache. I am thankful for not having migranes but I do feel run down by the time I am at a show. Its all the prep that goes into it.

How nice for a musical breakfast!! Love the summer when the kids are just having fun with the water, and Happy Birthday, enjoy it!! Get lots of goodies and take a spa day for yourself. That is what i did this year and it was worth every minute!!

Social Network Web Design

I love the bags and the matching pillow case! Beautiful prints! :)


wonderful post... great pillows and bags. I love them all. Happy Birthday!

Firefly Hill

Love the fabrics, pillows, bags, everything!
Happy Birthday!



When will Ava Rose be on the market?

Jennifer Paganellli

Van Morrison???? we have so much in common it's scary!!!!!!! Lordy I think the world of you love the photos not sure which I'm lovin more!!


absolutely love visiting your blog....your creations are stunning

Social Network Web Design

Nice pillows and bags love the floral thing =)
happy birthday!

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck

Happy Birthday...and I love, love, love all the stuff you displayed. Did/do you make all the pillows and quilts? That fabric is EXACTLY what I would love to use to re-do my daughter's room! I just don't know if I can make them myself...I am not that good a sewer. Is there anywhere to get them already made like in the displays?

Molly Pearce

Hi! I love your fabrics and designs. I would love to have one of the bags you blogged about. If I could get on that would be great. Please email me with pricing and info. @ Thank you ~ Molly P.


Gorgeous Fabrics! Gorgeous Pictures!

I'm visiting from Jennifer's site and wanted to say hello. Happy belated birthday!


Beautiful photos and beautiful thoughts - beautiful portrait too!

(I'm a huge fan of the VAN)

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