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March 14, 2008


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tanya, these are great! I can't wait to see the final product!

Pink Portuguese Roses

they look very pretty! I can't wait for you new fabrics to come out! I have a "red" bedroom just waiting for a new comforter...LOL!

Thanks for the reject peek!



Gosh I loved your rejects...if you decide to reject them all together...keep my e-mail handy ;).
I will be waitting also for the real deal at the stores!


They are beautiful.


So sad. I love the one in that first picture!


Oh, is it wrong I'm in love with the rejects?


If these are rejects the keepers must be fabulous! xo, suzy


These fabrics are just beautiful... I can't believe they'd be "rejects"! Seeing the beauty of these makes me all the more excited to see the Ava Roses line!


These are gorgeous! I'm sure a quilt made out of them would be stunning!


oh, tanya! I want the one from the top photo- I love it!! Boo hoo.


Wow, even the rejects are pretty :)


Oh, why can't we have them all? Maybe they can be deferred and not rejected outright. I especially love that pink stripe.


They're very pretty, maybe you should save the colorways for a future collection. A reject quilt auctioned off to benefit your favorite charity would be nice.

jennifer Paganellli

rejects are awesome!!! Can't wait to,J


Such eye candy! Thanks!!


Just discovered your blog. It is absolutely wonderful! I LOVE the Ava bag and cannot wait for the pattern! It's perfect! And the Stella Apron. Must have that pattern as well. I love the bright simple, cheeriness of your blog. It makes me want to re-do mine. ;o) Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents.

Lisa N

I'm so happy it is you and not me having to pick which ones to reject, they are all so beautiful.


how on earth do you decide what are "rejects" when they're all so beautiful. sigh. i guess that's why i'm not a fabric designer!

Periwinkle Vintage

Oh my, they are all so beautiful. I guess everybody else has already said that. I especially love the one with the robin's egg blue background!

Periwinkle Vintage

Oh my, they are all so beautiful. I guess everybody else has already said that. I especially love the one with the robin's egg blue background!


the 'sorry, not this times' look so lovely!


Those are rejects? Dang! They are gorgeous!

Mellissa - wondermommy

Those are too pretty to be called rejects!


ohhh, they are SOOO STUNNING and pretty! Love them~! Use them in your next line.


Wow, if this is reject fabric I can't wait to see the winning version.

This is still beautiful!

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