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March 04, 2008



I am so in love with this bag! I love it! I will be buying it as soon as i can get my hands on it!
good luck with the speaking. I wish i could help, but I am a nervous wreck when it comes to these things too!
let us know how it goes! it sounds so exciting!


Tanya, sorry about the second comment, but I am so distracted by this bag, i forgot to add more. I think this sewing trend is so huge, and the interenet has played a huge part. It is why i taught myself to sew. I saw lots of fun blogs, inspiration, and I could not help myself!


delurking to say I love the bag. Nicest I've seen.


Beautiful bag!!

Sandi Henderson

Beautiful bag!

About schoolhouse, I'll come to yours with arms waving high and a "Tanya Rocks My World" t-shirt if you come to mine with a "Sandi Paid Me To Be Here" t-shirt. Sound like a deal?


giabella designs

The bags are so pretty!

Wonder if "imagining the audience naked" would really work? Let us know! Tee hee hee!

Heather R.

As far as public speaking goes, I really haven't done it a ton, but my only piece of advice is to not read a speech. Try to just have an outline of what you want to convey, and just let it flow from there. You can keep your audience engaged so much better if they feel like you are talking to them, not just reading to them. Plus it forces you to look up and look around, not just keep your eyes glued to the paper in front of you!


Another beautiful bag Tanya. Can't wait for this pattern.

Sorry to hear you have been unwell, and glad to hear you are feeling better now.


I wish you the best of luck with your public speaking. My advice, accept that these people are truly interested in what you have to say, and pretend you are speaking to some close friends, don't be afraid of butterflies, it just shows you are passionate about what you do, and that you want to do well. Embrace the butterflies! I myself have just started my own crafting journey into sewing, I attended the markets on 1 March for the first time. It has taken me ten years to get up enough courage to go, but I had such a great time, I can't wait to do it again!


I am an adult sewer, part of this new trend. What I find most interesting is that most of 'us' are self taught or really rely on internet and book tutorials. I think that's why blogging holds a special interest in the craft world. I would love it if my local fabric store had a more friendly online site that would include a flicker group that the customers could share their creations and then form friendships. Sometimes us 20 yr old sewers feel out of place in this domesticated world of sewing machines, but its getting cooler and cooler each year.


the bag is amazing!
I am a talky type speaker if that makes sense. I remember lots about the topic I am presenting and then just kind of with the audience. if I try to remember a whole speech it never works!


Gorgeous bag! And gorgeous fabric ;-)
I'm glad to hear you are over the flu now! ;-)

Have a lovely week!

Lisa N

Love the bag, very fashionable! As far as public speaking, remember that nobody ever really enjoys it. As long as you are passionate about what you are talking about, that's all that matters.:)


I just found your blog and its beautiful! As for the sewing, I dont know if this is really pertinant or not but my experience is teaching a 13 yr old girl to sew. She has a learning disability and reading a pattern is hard so we are starting off with small projects. It is going so well that I am considering taking on another student. Sewing is sure boosting her confidence and she is so very proud to give or wear the things we are making. If you want more information about this avenue of sewing projects, dont hesitate to contact me!

Beautiful and inspiring blog you have.:)



Nice bag! I can't wait to see your new line!!! I have a feeling I'll be head over heels for it - my own Ava Rose will get quite a few dresses made, for sure!!


LOVE this bag, I can't wait to get one!
Beautiful fabrics, beautiful work.
You will be amazing when it comes time for your place at the podium! Just look at them as all of your blog friends who admire and support you and you will do great!


I am going to make this bag...a few times! I LOVE IT! I can't wait to get it and see the new fabrics as well.
The sewing industry, very much spurred on and revived by Ebay and Etsy and all the blogs. I love going to the designer blogs and seeing what is new or coming up. What could stores do? Have more classes of all levels. I feel very intimated in my small town fabric store. I feel like I have to already know it all, so I pretend and very often leave before someone suspects.
I am not one to ask about public speaking as I refuse to do it. I changed college majors YEARS ago just to avoid taking speech class!!
Can't wait to see all of your new things!

Natasha Burns

Gorgeous bag Tanya! Hope you're feeling better by now, your creative juices sure did flow while you took it easier!




The bag is really great and I would love to make one. Go ahead and be a geek--most of us are geeks, married to one or gave birth to one.
I love the personal connection to designers via the internet and blogs. It gives me a lot of confidence to know that I could ask a question whenever I needed to!


I am just lovin it!!!


Such a beauty of a bag. I love it! Thanks for all of your great creations.

Public speaking is always nerve racking for me too. I normally force myself to make some serious eye contact with people as if I was talking with one person rather than a 100 and I consciously try to slow my words down because I tend to talk really fast during any public speaking. I think you'll always sound a lot better to the audience than you think. I hope it goes well!

Kathi D

That is one sweeeeeeeeet bag!

Kathi D

Oh, and about the public speaking. I don't like it either, but a couple of the comments above me are right on, don't memorize or read anything. You know your subject inside and out, just talk about it and let it flow.


I love the bag! When will the pattern be available?

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