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January 25, 2008



I can so identify with your morning. I had that very same morning earlier this week. I went to look for my scissors and they were not in the drawer where I keep them. When I asked my daughter where they were, she admitted to borrowing them (none of the 4 pairs she has in her craft stuff would work, apparently). I sent her off to find them and she couldn't. I was frustrated, upset, and then we were 20 minutes late for school. It was a terrible way to start the morning and I felt awful for letting it get to me. Isn't it a good thing that we get do-overs?


Oh man, I hate those kinds of mornings. When those silly frustrating things bring out the bad mommy. Or so I have heard.

Chris W

Had that morning yesterday. Ran two pairs of nylons, (all I had) yelled at my husband, Had to iron a different outfit, yelled at the dog. Was 10 min late getting to work, the roads were bad, yelled at anyone passing by. Got to work, everyone was nice enough not to notice or say anything about being late, just glad I got there safe in the lousy weather. Called my husband to apoligize about my morning attitude after all it was not his fault my ring ripped my nylons. Gave the dog an extra few nibbles of food and played catch with her when I got home, and made my husband a big loaded up nice and juicy hamburger for dinner and all was well. We all have those times once in awhile.


Been there, too! But where was that shoe???

Tanya Whelan

Thanks sooooo much girls for makin me feel like I'm not the only one!!! The shoe was inside the pant leg of the jeans my son was wearing the day before, inside the hamper. It was so funny because when I calmed down and took a deep breath and tried to think logically about where it could be I ended up finding it, naturally.

the farmers wife

I feel your pain. But in the next breath I'm going to say that I'm really grateful to be beyond the child raising years.


I totally relate to this post...and it seems to happen much more frequently than I would like :-(

Periwinkle Vintage

Yikes! We can all relate. When my boys were little, I remember a similar frantic morning and I ended up "throwing" my son out the back door without a lunch for school. (We live next door to the school, so he always walked anyway.) Bad, bad way to start the day! Shortly after that, I went on anti-depressants!!!!!! Yeah!!!


Oh girl...I feel what you are saying. We had a day like this last was a coat, in our case. I felt so bad about it-- but we all have these sometimes. You are so right about --the fact that a silly shoe or coat, not worth it. I guess we need to learn to pick our battles as they say? Glad to know I'm not the only one out there with these issues! Have a great night! jw


We all have mornings like that. Shoes seem to be the culprit in my family on a regular basis! I've been reading for a few months now and just wanted to tell you I made hats from your pattern and I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you for sharing such a great pattern. (Your model is super cute, too.)



Oooooooh do I sooooo know what that's about. You are so not alone. I totally understand that frustrated feeling, and then feeling guilty later that I got so annoyed, and got mad, and yelled. Not a good feeling, but we all do it, and hopefully learn a bit from it. Thank you for sharing with us :o)


You know what? My sweet mama used to say that what she remembered from my childhood was that she was "always screeching" at the kids and she wished she hadn't yelled so much. But I don't remember it that way at all! That mother's guilt thing is powerful.


You know what? My sweet mama used to say that what she remembered from my childhood was that she was "always screeching" at the kids and she wished she hadn't yelled so much. But I don't remember it that way at all! That mother's guilt thing is powerful.


I know kids are kids and cats are cats...but...I am sympatizing with your about the your morning, let me say, hot fuse.
I got up today and as I got in the kitchen, the cats - 3 ladies, decided to chew my brand new pack of 100 calories bagels...ARHHH...after I breath deeeeply....I notice that they also have chewed my brand new freshly made tortilla bag!!! ARRRGH....again...
Let me tell you...frustrating is the word...(the cats are not mine, just by the way...I love them...but..ARRRGHHH).
Thanks for your post....I am feeling normal...not a bad person...everyone has these hot moments...the great thing is to realize that you got close to the red line and recognized it. Now it is time to let it go.
You are such a wonderful is hard to recognize that you are over the red have done beautifully!
Thanks again. I also have learned a lesson...The cats are on Weight Watchers too! HAHAHHA.

Firefly Hill

Oh I have been there too! But try not to be too hard on yourself...the kids will forgive you! You are entitled to a hissy fit once in a blue are human after all!


Lilla My

Unfrusted days with kids???That´s impossible ;)...I can recognize my slf SO much...Take care

Lilla My

Unfrusted days with kids???That´s impossible ;)...I can recognize my slf SO much...Take care

Karin (creativechaos)

Oh boy...the story of my morning life....looking for lost shoes and lost glasses. I mean how hard is it to put shoes in the shoe basket. I even put it right by the front door for his shoe taking off convienence...and don't even get me going on looking for lost glasses..arrgggg.... anyway I feel your pain...:) and yep to the never ending questions..I just keep thinking there will be a time when he won't want to ask me anything and then I'll miss the days of discussing whether there really is a bigfoot and how has he managed to elude the authorities all these years.....

SilverLining Designs

I just read your post and it feels like you were writing about me.... and you don't even know me! :P We all have those days, sometimes it's hard not to. Thank goodness we always get forgiven. It's nice to know I'm not the only mom who has those kinds of days. Thanks for the post.

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