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October 02, 2007



Loves it, loves it and loves it a little bit more!! The design, the colours, oh it is so fun and cute!!I love the room as well :) Aina


Hi Tanya, such cute ruffles! Adorable skirts, my girls are getting to big for such "girlie" clothes, they both like to wear jeans and silkscreened t's, no more dress up. I'm heading to VA Beach on Saturday for the Big Flea! Can't wait, it will be my first time checking it out, I go regularly to the one in Chantilly. I hope this one is half as good as that. xo, suzy

sheree (sheree's alchemy)

This is so cute, Tanya!


I just love the precious skirt ! How fun are little girls with ruffly skirts !

Kathy ~ Shabby Roses Boutique

Hi Tanya,
Love those skirts!! Anything with ruffles is okay in my book!
I am sure my daughter Sarah (5) would absolutely LOVE one of those! I look forward to your tutorial on them.
Thanks for sharing,
Kathy :)

Zee Longenecker

Beautiful skirts. I remember when I was 10 years old (1984) these skirts were so fashion, my grandma made 3 for me. I loved them so much!!!
The photos are so crisp and fresh!! Thanks for sharing these!


Ooooh I just found your blog and its FABULOUS!! I can't wait for more. Loving the skirts, loving the bags, loving the apron and your fabric - just gorgeous!!


Ooh the skirt is so pretty. I cant wait for the tutorial. Isnt the Fairy book great. I bought one for my daughter for xmas last year and we loved looking through it, all the secret letters and little messages hidden throughout.


Oooh, I love this skirt, and the fabrics you have chosen - beautiful! I would love to see the tutorial too! Oh dear, I want one of these skirts for me too... xx


WOWwhat beautiful photos and fabric! I just love the skirt and would so appreciate a tutorial on how it was made.....I have been searching the web for one but can not find any tutorial. Beautiful work.


Your fabrics are so pretty! I am a first time visitor from Beata's Rosehip blog. I have been wanting to sew ruffles but will have to content myself with pillows. The photos are too precious! Its so nice to see.

Gabriela Delworth

Hello from Toronto,

Just want to say hi and that I love your desings!


Prairie Home-Sherry

SO FABULOUS!!!! Your pictures are so beautiful! Love the chic styles too!
I'm adding you to my "Fav's"....


your blog is so full of light... i love it. i'm a convert.

Linda in Michigan

Love the skirt tutorial but any hints on measurements?? MY DGD looks to be about the same age. thanks.


thank you so much for the tutorial on the skirts! I can not wait to try this. you inspire me!
I am doing a give away on my blog...check it out and put your name in when you get a chance!


Such a cute skirt! I've been wanting some simplre projects to work on that are more in line with my skills (I always seem to pick hard things way past my level), and a cute skirt for a niece would do the trick. I just wanted to check, do you think about a yard of fabric would be enough (I tried to add the measurements of the fabrics together, but wasn't sure)? Or a little less. Thanks!


Tanya, you are so extremely talented. I love your studio, and your creations are amazing. Your daughter is so cute. I just love it all!!!! You're so inspiring.


gorgeous, for skirt & fabric


I love this tutorial! I was going to just make my own pattern using another different pattern. It was so helpful, (and material saving,) to see that you sewed the second band/ruffle, not at the waistband, but below the first band. Thank you!!! I was wondering (without doing all math,) what the finished length of this skirt is, and if you have any suggestions for adjusting the pattern to be bigger or smaller? Meaning, would you adjust all bands/ruffles by the same amount, or leave the bands the same length and just adjust the ruffle length, etc.


I searched for the tutorial for the skirt. Couldn't find it!


how much would you take off for a 3 year old and for a two year old .


I came here through piterest. I want to sew the ruffle skirt for my 5 years old. But i can't find the pattern, is it available yet?


HI Angie.
Click on the ruffled skirt link. The picture of the skirts comes up. At the bottom it says enter gallery. Click on that link and there it is. Was not easy to find this at all. But worth the hunt. Good luck.

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