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October 21, 2007



i love waffle house!!! it was the refuge you sought after after studying late in college. my friend and i had the jukebox memorised. i love their grits and toast and they do have salads with good ole iceberg lettuce. lol. we lived in south texas for the past 7 years and not a waffle house in sight. we just moved back to arkansas and i have brainwashed my kids with the awesomeness of waffle house. why not brain wash them with something good. lol.


Here in the midwest, it's the IHOP we love.
(International House of Pancakes) Open 24hrs..and has waffles too.....*S*

Same ambiance - nice big portions when you're really hungry. I hope none of these chains ever need to close.

WH Fan

IHOP is a fine establishment, but surely does not rise to the level of awesomeness that WH has achieved. Am also dubious of IHOP's claim of being "international"


I adore coffee shops & diners! They are comforting & unpretensious. Throw in a sassy/friendly waitress, too. But, I've always found the ones I've been to have really great coffee.


Love the coffee cup and of course all the lovely family photos. Sorry we'll miss you at Fall MArket but see you in Porland!!!!


I love the way the waitresses in the WH yell out the order in that old fashioned diner code..."I need two smashed, scattered and smothered!" and how they call everyone Hon whether you are male or female, young or old! I can only eat there occasionally (I need more salads and protein, less carbs and sugar!) but it is an experience when I let myself go. Literally and figuratively! Love those new mugs...might have to steal one someday.


oh, the best comfort food! I love places like this! the weekends are the best time to let yourself go! I call saturday "my free day" anything goes!
I wanted to tell you I wrote a small entry about you today. I made a ruffle dress for my daughter!


Sounds like a wonderful place. I don't think that we have any waffle houses here in Australia.

Tanya I have tagged you for a meme if you would like to join in.


OMG! I was also in heaven when I first stepped into a Waffle house. It was during a trip to Atlanta....for some weird reason there is no WH beyond Maryland ( if you come N)..I can only see a sign for WH on 95 if we drive 40 minutes south, out of state.
I have to say...for a meal at WH I would save all my points (WW)!!!
Thanks for reminding me of such a great experience....


looks like good yummy fun!

happy zombie

Found your blog via Silly little Doe. Great blog you have!

Being on the west coast, this is the first I've ever heard of the Waffle House. We have something like that here on the Oregon coast... The Pig n Pancake (which we lovingly call "The Pig"). I love it and too hope they never change.

Apples on a Stick

The Waffle houses here in our neck of the woods are nasty! We ate at one when we first moved here (Arizona) and the food was just gross and the service awful.

I too love to eat out and breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. Despite the fact that I don't appreciate the Waffle House, I have found some great hole in the wall breakfast places!


I've never been to one...but I will now if I have a chance.

Chris Brown

The Waffle House, IHOP, The Pig...whatever is your favorite - get out and eat the diners & dives. It's all Americana and I love it!


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