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September 23, 2007


Sarah Leak

Too funny Tanya! I had the same problem recently - interview - oooh how exciting but you want a photograph??? I ended up the photo I was looking the least silly in. A model I will never be.

Congratulations on the magazine thing though!

Miss Sassy

I totally just mentioned how I hate how I look here (which I wrote right before reading my daily blogs):

If I were you, I would not hate how I look in pictures. I love the photoshopped pictures. Our new Mac has Photo Booth which allows you to take some funky pictures using the built-in web cam. We can't stop cracking up with how they turn out.


I love them all! Can't wait to find out about the magazine!

jennifer Paganelli

I love this post. we can all identify with this one..please let us know what mag when it comes out I want a signed copy!! Your friend Jen

silva de silva

I love the photos! WEASEL!

Tanya Whelan

I love you Silva, even though you didn't take any pictures of me this weekend!

Carrie S.

I just had to do the same thing earlier in the month, and I went through no less than 45 picture-taking shots during a fantastic heat, I feel your pain. They all look great, in my opinion!

Tanya Whelan

Carrie, I love it! 45 pictures, that's about how many I think I'll need to take to get one I like. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem...

Sandi Henderson

Oh, I totally vote for you sending in the frenchy one. ;) That made me laught right out loud!


Apples on a Stick

lovin' the handle bar mustache!


Cute pictures!
I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love Barefoot Roses. I just received a charm pack of them and they make my heart swell! They will be perfect in my baby girl's nursery. I can't wait to use them!


Hi, I'm visiting via Tie One On to say hello. Nice place! I'm bookmarking it nnnnnnow.


I'm another one visiting from Tie One On, Hi!

Cyndi Walker

Oh lord! Had to do this myself just a few weeks ago... I have very rarely loved a picture of myself and feel your pain. I swear that the camera hates me. Eventually though my husband was able to snap a shot of me and we saw it in the magazine yesterday for the first time. It actually turned out okay and I let out a huge sigh of relief!

sheree (sheree's alchemy)

Can't wait to hear about the magazine. You are adorable! Those last 2 edits are hysterical!


This is Jocelyn from Fat Quarter Shop! I HAD to comment on this post since photoshopping is a favorite pasttime of mine :)
I think everyone has intriguing eyes (especially you!) and that's why brightness and contrast are our friends, haha!

Send in one of those funny faces, that'd def make me want to read more!

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