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August 27, 2007


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Hi Tanya, I like this design very much!! Looking forward to your new patters. xo, suzy


ACK! I want need adore this clutch! So pretty. Best!


Ohhhhh, sooo cute!!! I love your patterns/ideas/bags/fabrics/you name it!

Joan Gibb

Very sweet--did you craft the flower too? If you did, I hope you will include it or post a tutorial.
May I ask what your favored method or material is for holding the bag's shape?


That is darling!

Sandi Henderson

Oh I love it! Are you going to be debuting patterns this market? Or Portland?



However long it took you, it was WORTH it!

Tanya Whelan

This one will probably be available in the next couple of months through stores currently selling the Flea Market Bag pattern and through distributors. I was going to wait and debut all the new patterns at Portland quilt market when Ava Rose debuts and where I'll actually have a booth (yikes) but I really like this one and want to get it out there. I just wish I could go to Fall Market and see your debut Sandy! I know it's gonna be fantabulous!

And thank you Joan for the great idea about the flower tutorial! It's a fun and super easy flower, I'll try to post a tutorial soon.


Lovin it.


OOOh...I love this! Can't wait to get ahold of it!! Love your style. jw


Love this! I'm slow too. I'm almost always the last one to finish eating.


Eek! This is SO cute! And I love the fabric (of course). Can't wait to try it!


Beautiful, I love it! This green is one of my fave colors. :o)


wow...this is so cute! I love it... I really need to find the time to start making things!

Tanya Whelan

Erin my friend, you spend every day creating beautiful things!


I just love it!! Thanks for the preview~


Is the Ava Rose a new fabric collection that you're working on? We absolutely LOVE Barefoot Roses!

Tanya Whelan

I'm so happy you're lovin Barefoot Roses Kristie. Yes, Ava Rose is the name of my new collection that will be released Spring 08'. I'm starting on it early this time as last time I had about 2 weeks to play with my fabric and make samples before the show, it was a crazy time. Thanks for asking!

Jennifer Paganelli

You so this sooooo much....

sheree schattenmann

Tanya, this is so chic! Great job. Can't wait to see all your patterns. And a new collection--ooooh. I am sooo hoping to fly over for a market one of these days.

Happy Sewing--and enjoy the last week before the kids get back to school.


Miss Sassy

Wow - so cute! I have two questions (unrelated to this bag):

1) For the Flea Market bag pattern - what type of interfacing do you recommend? I don't have the pattern yet - just saw the requirements on the back of the pattern for one I'm buying online.

2) On your website, you have pictures of these great laundry bags (I think). Did you use a pattern or make your own? Thanks!

I love your fabric. I've been browsing it online this evening trying to decide on colors and quantities.


Purchased you FLEA MARKET BAG pattern and noticed on back of pattern that it states there are sewing tips and help for pattern on website. But I cannot seem to find. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

Tanya Whelan

We haven't finished updating the site with tips but please feel free to email me with any questions, I very happy to help.

Jennifer Paganelli

You got the hobo and I got the Boho too funny love you miss Tanya!!


Your clutch looks so beautiful, and the fabric really suits the pattern well. Just to let you know too that my prize hasnt shown up as yet, so when it arrives I will let you know.

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