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August 21, 2007



Love the dresses! Are you moving onto garment patterns now? They're adorable!

Tanya Whelan

I'm thinkin about it Pam, got 5 other patterns in the works but would love to do a really easy dress pattern that anyone can make in a few months.

Sarah Leak

Zelda looks lovely!

Tanya Whelan

Thank you Sarah! Wasn't sure if you got Barefoot Roses in or not but you have fantastic fabric (even if it's not mine) so I'm addin ya to the list. Hope all is well down under!

Roxie Morrow

I love these dresses, and Zelda looks great in them. I'm a little partial to roses, so I guess you know which one I'm leaning towards. If you check out my blog and website, you can see my mini dressforms that I like to dress up. They are a RoxieGirl Original™. I am so glad I found your blog tonight, I've enjoyed pouring over the pictures.

Cyndi Walker

LOVE these dresses Tanya. Any chance there would be a version of the "Highball" dress with a square neck and cap sleeves? It might tempt me to try dressmaking. It's so beautiful!


Lovely dresses Tanya! Laurie~


I LOVE the dresses! Esp. the first one. I can so see it with the shoes.


Beautiful dresses! I especially love the red/white polkadot. The flower brooch just makes it for me. :o)


Holy cow! These dresses are fantastic, as is this whole site! After coming across your blog it's nice to know that my newfound interest in sewing is not limited to a group of grannies (no offense). Thanks for the refreshing and inspiring website. Keep up the good work as I will stay tuned!

Jennifer Paganelli

These fabrics were made for this....!! You are taking flight my dear and its lovely to watch your talent evolve....blessings. Jennifer

Mrs. Monise

Oh I love those dresses! You have inspired me to go ahead and take the plunge in taking a sewing class. I am a larger women and I would like to make clothes that are stylish but yet modest. I also plan to make pretty dresses for my two little ladies, oh I can see it now!

Have A Blessed & Wonderful Day!

God Bless


Okay, I just wish I could EVER fit into/look good in a fabulous dress like these. GORGEOUS!! I love your designs! jw


Hi Tanya!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just popped over to yours and WOW! I am in LOVE!

Your designs are just so perfect! I love your beautiful color palette and simple style!

Your fabrics are just perfect!



BEAUTIFUL!!! Please make a pattern for this, those dresses are meant to be worn and I would love to make some. I'm not even a "dress person", but I would find it in me for these gorgeous designs!
Love your work~


hmm... wish I had that polka dot dress... heck, I wish I had the body to go along with it too! I love your site and have had such a great time looking around. Oh, and that purse is GREAT! Keep it up!


That 50's floral dress really takes me back. I was still in elementary school then but I just loved those styles.

Thanks for stopping by my blog : )

Kathy ~ Shabby Roses Boutique

Zelda looks fantastic!! My favourite is the pink floral one, it's beautiful!


I really dig these dresses. Found ya by way of Chris Brown's UP site. Beautiful work! I love the name Zelda and that is a perfect old fashioned name for the manequin. Had a "spuds mackenzie" terrier by that name...she was really gorgeous.


These dresses are wonderful - it would have been my dream wearing them when I was her age...

Dawn M

Oh these dresses are beautiful! I would just love to wear one. What size did you make??? Do you have a pattern? Tell me about them!

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